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Which option could cause a woman to lose weight quicker?

Asked by Aster (18382points) August 23rd, 2012

You have two methods to choose from. Which would work quicker and why?
Method #1: half an hour of yoga daily plus ten minutes of handweights or
Method #2: five minutes on a mini tramp and ten minutes on a treadmill daily plus ten minutes of hand weights.
These would be done by an over fifty female who is sedentary.

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When you say quicker, I assume the woman is not really going to change her life, but merely engage in exercise for a while for a short term goal. In that case, method 2, since it is more likely to increase heart rate and use calories. But if you did either for years as a regularly repeating routine, you would realize the benefit, assuming reasonable stress management, good diet quality and calorie control.

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Not enough info. Exercising is pointless if you don’t eat well. Running burns fat quite well, though 10 minutes is nothing. To get a good cardio workout you need at least 20 minutes to get the heart really busy. I need to ask: why the insanely short amounts of time?

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I’m a couple of years younger than you. I lost ~20# just by changing my diet. It wasn’t that I ate less; I just started eating better. It was also a matter of starting off with breakfast and snacking throughout the day. In about three months, clothes no longer fit. And this comes from a person who leads a sedentary life for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong….the exercise will do you good. If possible, do all of the items that you listed as they target different areas of the body. Just take it slowly and alternate the routine until you build on it. In the meantime though, focus on the choice of food consumption as well.

Good luck, and please keep us posted!

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Why not alternate them to avoid boredom and to surprise your body.?

Personally, I would skip the trampoline and gradually increase both distance and speed on the treadmill. Perhaps work up to 30 minutes at a time at 3.0 mph or slightly faster.

I would alternate the weight work to every other day.Start with very small weights and gradually increase them also.

There is also the pleasure of walking outside until the weather gets bad.

If you are over fifty and sedentary, you might want to find a trainer to design a safe program and supervise the increases in order to avoid injury.

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I personal feel neither. Food is what alters your body shape.

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If you’re trying to run an experiment, then it may be the tramp ‘n tread method will cause faster weight loss. However, all other things must be equal such as starting weight, daily intake and location of exercise. Daily intake is not just what is eaten it also includes when it is eaten.

If you’re just looking for self-improvement, then mix it up with both methods and examine daily intake habits. Set yourself a weekly chart for tracking what you’re doing and modify as needed to keep yourself motivated.

Keep in mind that the yoga may be gentler on the body as you ramp up the effort. What are mini-tramps weight-rated?

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