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What synth/electro/digital tunes can you recommend?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5505points) August 24th, 2012

I’m trying to compile a list for when I run out of coffee, what are your favourites in these genres? This is what I have stumbled upon today (sonds a bit like Royksopp, so it’s an instant WIN in my book, heh) and all I know is I need MOAR (om nom nom) does not have to be that exact bpm, just good quality music.

“Thank you in advance” for your suggestions!

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Not exactly what I had in mind, but A for effort nonetheless… or is that E?

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The grand-daddy of the all! Popcorn by Hot Butter.

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@fremen_warrior Why not? Of all the links on this page so far, that is by far the most interesting and creative.

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@wundayatta how about the link in the question itself?

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Alrighty syth/electro/digital is pretty vast. Can ya narrow it down more to like what kinda electro your looking for? Like that upbeat happy type music?

Here’s some happy stuff.

If ya narrow down what type of electro you’re looking for I’ll be able to answer much better.

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Brace yourself. Rush and Yes incoming. This is Fluther, after all.

So, for something different, try all of these, and everything @uberbatman posts.
Beach House
Feed Me
Neon Indian
Miike Snow
Hot Chip

Like, @uberbatman said, though, you’re going to need to narrow it down. I tried to post some fairly diverse stuff, but none of them will be your cup of tea likely if you’re not a fan of indie/IDM/chill type of stuff.

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I am looking for something along the lines of: Royksopp, DeadMau5, Jarre, Kraftwerk, Thievery Corporation, Pink Floyd’s Any Colour You Like (Dark Side of the Moon), Members of Mayday, Cosmosis (goa trance), Below the Asteroids (Eve Online track),, Infected Mushroom

So basically mostly upbeat and energetic, with the occasional slow paced synth.

I will check all of the above out, keep em coming :-) Thanks

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Aaaaaand this too /edited/: and Funabashi and Niklas Harding

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If you like Infected Mushroom I recommend you check out Shpongle, Simon Posford’s other project.

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Anything by Adventure Club Dubstep, FTampa, Savant, Overwerk, Farleon, and Klaypex.

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Beats Antique
The Gaslamp Killer
Shpongle and again
Mystery of the Yeti (The first time Posford and Raja Ram worked together before Shpongle)
1200 Micrograms (Raja Ram’s side project)
Hallucinogen (Simon Posfords solo name)
Younger Brother (Posfords other side project)
Can ya tell I’m a big fan of Simon Postord and Raja Ram :P
Carbon Based Lifeforms by far my favorite cd to fall asleep to
Banco de Gaia
The Glitch Mob
Sak Noel
Gotan Project
Junior Boys
Kox Box
Juno Reactor
Ana Tijoux
Flux Pavillion & Dr P
And One

Yea….. Some of the picks in there are a bit off from what you’re looking for, I was on a music spree lol. Maybe you’ll end up liking em anyway. :)

Another really good way to find new music is on by either looking at what they consider to be similar artists to the bands you like or just by listening to the radio station of a given band to hear similar songs.

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@DeanV when you say Simon Posford’s other project, are you implying he is part of Infected Mushroom?

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@uberbatman Oh shit, I got Infected Mushroom confused with Hallucinogen right there. Oops.

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@DeanV Figured something like that. Mushrooms are Hallucinogens after all :P

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