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Believers, will babies be/think like babies in heaven/after life?

Asked by chelle21689 (7646points) August 24th, 2012

I’m not really asking this question towards people believing in organized religion like Christianity, Buddhism, or Muslim but more towards those who just have their own idea of faith.

Do you believe babies that die will think the same way once they’re in the afterlife/heaven? I have a hard time thinking of this one.

I prefer those who believe in an afterlife to answer which makes an interesting discussion.

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If there is an afterlife, I doubt we will be in any sort of physical existence that is recognizable to us now. Meaning gender and age will be meaningless as we think of them. We won’t even be able to think the same way because we won’t have human brains.

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Well if not physical what about the mind? I mean, will they think like babies? lol

Someone wise told me it’s probably something we can’t understand as simple humans but I still can’t imagine.

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No.. but I don’t think we will think like adults or children or any other living thing. I don’t think we can imagine what it would really mean not to have a body. Almost everything we consider our mind is a result of our brain processing the information. With no physical brain everything would be different. I seriously don’t think we can comprehend not having a physical body since it’s not really possible to exist without one while alive.

I think people think of ghosts shaped like a living version of the dead body because that’s easier to comprehend than a true spirit that’s not connected to a body.

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keobooks, good answer. I agree…but it’s something I keep asking as if there is an answer! lol

I find it odd of me finding it difficult to believe in God and Heaven but I am scared to death of ghosts and haunted places.

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Perhaps there is a collective or connected or greater intelligence(s) that feeds each of us but is limited directly by our organics. Then upon death we simply rejoin that collective, adding our experiences and thoughts to it, and regaining a more “expansive” view until we decide to dip back in. In something like that babies who die would simply snap back to that.

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I agree with @keobooks. If there is a Heaven or some kind of afterlife, it’s probably a state completely different from what being human is. It’s the only way I can imagine it to make sense. Incidentally I’ve always wondered this about people with addictions, and that their life has been defined by an addiction for years; do they still have addictions in Heaven? Do they return to the person they once were? Again, I imagine it would be some higher state of being we can’t even fathom, where the mortal coil barely matters, if at all.

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Whatever it is, I just hope it’s a better place and you get to still interact with people you like/care for :P

Thanks everyone.

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Well, courtesy of some movies from the late 80’s I developed a belief that babies are vessels for the soul. Each soul learns and re-learns life each time it grows with its vessel. This gave me the sense that souls are fonts of all knowledge, those that are granted a vessel which subsequently dies at a young age such as at birth or in its first or second year, simply return to whence they came to await another vessel for another shot at re-learning life on this planet.

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DaphneT, isn’t that reincarnation?

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I think they’ll just grow up in heaven.

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Well, @chelle21689, it might be. Not a subject I give a lot of thought. Babies dying are a sad part of life I prefer not to experience again, but I know that I will.

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