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When you get up do you push in your chair?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) August 24th, 2012

At least 75% of the people who use the tables and chairs in the library where I work do not push in their chair when they get up. When you get up from sitting at a table or a desk do you push in your chair?

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I’m nor sure, but due to my aching knees, I always push on it.

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Yes. I was taught this in my school as a courtesy to anyone who would be walking behind where the chair was. It’s kind of second nature but I like the aesthetic of “everything in it’s place”.

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When not in my house absolutely. My husband does too. I noticed it when we were first dating many years ago.

At home it varies. If I know I am going back to the table I might not, or if I have a lot in my hands, I may not really care about pushing in the chair.

I do it so paths are clear for others to walk by the table, and so there is little risk of someone tripping or bumping into the chair. If I lived in a very small apartment I would probably be more consistent about pushing in my chair at home.

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I do that. It’s just polite.

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I also do it at home, restaurants, libraries, etc. I had a good Southern mother . . .

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Yes, it’s a habit.

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I’ve always done that, either in public places or at home. I believe in order and organization, and there’s nothing like a cute little chair neatly tucked away after use.

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I do, unless the chair fights back. If it does that, I usually let it have its way. Some chairs are just so stubborn (and some floors cooperate with the damn chair in being obstructive). I limp away so anybody watching will recognize that I’m just not up to chair moving that day. Tomorrow may be better.

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I do. It just looks sloppy, like leaving a turd in the pot and just walking away. Someone may stumble over them,someone like me.

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Yes. With the possible exception of my desk chair, which I am in and out of frequently. But when I’m done for the night, it goes back in, too.

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I do this whatever the location, just a purely instinctive reaction.

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I wonder if the non-chair-pusher-inners are related to the folks that never fully close a cabinet door or a drawer when they’re done? My husband is a door-leaver-open, and it drives me nuts. I’ll have to check and see if he pushes his chair in.

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@augustlan I didn’t even know people leave cabinets and drawers open until a friend of mine told me a story about it shortly after college. I do however leave my closet doors open. I do it on purpose.

The chair push in thing is like sitting with your legs in on the bus or holding the door open for the next person.

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I do however fall into the classic “male-trap” of leaving the toilet seat up, much to the wife’s chagrin.

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@augustlan I wonder if the drawer-leaver-openers are related to the one-ice-cube-in-the-trayers.

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^^ They also might be related to the put’em the diry dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is actually empty-ers.

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Always. I push in chairs whenever I see them out of place, be it at home or elsewhere.

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Nearly always – and especially if the chair backs out into a space where people will be walking.

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@SuperMouse I sometimes leave only one or two ice cubes, but I don’t leave drawers open. I don’tunderstand how people leave drawers open all the time? I only leave a a cube or two, because we rarely use ice cubes, and we never fill a whole glass with cubes.. Still, my husband thinks I should never leave just one cube.

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Am I the only guilty one here? I think it goes with my absent minded ADD self. By the time I stand up, my mind is already on to the next task and the chair is the last thing in my mind. I will try to do better. Especially at the library. I also compulsively leave drawers open. Drives my husband nuts.

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@JLeslie I was raised to believe that leaving one or two ice cubes in the tray was practically immoral, and I hated refilling those trays. Thank goodness for ice makers.

I don’t get the cabinet door/drawer thing either. How hard is it to just push it that extra inch or two???

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@augustlan We rarely used a lot of ice in my house growing up, and we don’t in my house now. I can see why someone would be annoyed if they wanted 6 cubes and there was only one.

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I never do this in my own home, but whenever I’m out, I always do. It’s just polite.

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I SO mis read this question! I thought you were asking, “When you get up do you push ON the chair?” I was totally lost at the “good manners” comments, so I re-read it.
Yes. I push IN my chair!

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