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Can eight year olds watch Doctor Who?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) August 24th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m wondering because I have two eight year old cousins.

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If you think they are mature enough, then you can have them watch whatever you feel is appropriate.

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The question is do THEY want to watch it? There isn’t too much objectional content and what is objectional isn’t that bad. It can be little creepy in places but never all out scary.

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Yes, but they wouldn’t understand all the references. The stories are usually not too scary for that age.

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Steven Moffat has said he writes the show with eight year olds in mind….though he’s very much of the opinion that they ought to be watching from behind the sofa or at the very least a sofa cushion.

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I have watched dr. who since I was 2, Our name is cuz my kids watched it too. I don’t think it’s harnful.

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Of course they can. Do you mean “should they”?

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David Tennant himself watched it when he was 3. It’s both wonderful and horrifying at the same time (especially now that Moffat’s taken over). It’s nothing to get into a fuss about, but if you want your cousins to not sleep, show them any of the Weeping Angel episodes. Instant paranoia.

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@Seiryuu agreed that one even scared me.

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I watched it from the age of seven, although back then in the days of Tom Baker, it was fairly cheap & cheerful stuff.

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Sure they can. I was watching stuff way more adult oriented at that age and look how I turned out!

As a armchair expert desperately clinging to my last shreds of anonymity (and a long dead meme at that)...

Right, maybe they shouldn’t watch it.

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Doctor Who is for everyone. I recommend it for kindergarten to social security.

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Most Doctor Who episodes are fine for kids of that age but they may not understand it all. There are a handful of episodes (“Blink” is one that comes to mind) that might be too scary.

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Why would you want them to? They’re 8. There are so many other fun and productive things they could be doing.
How about going outside and kicking a soccer ball with them?

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They should be in bed at 10 pm, @YARNLADY. Or maybe in their room, reading a book getting ready to go to bed. Not up watching a movie until midnight.

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10PM is already an hour after bedtime. And then they blow an extra one on that junk? Where are the parents? The kids should be winding down with a dk EyeWitness book or magazine. Their heads are like sponges now. Why fill it with nonsense when there is so much good stuff out there? Have them get to sleep so they are able to get up in the morning and do something that will improve their lives: running, playing, moving.
Expose them to real science instead of ridiculous cookie cutter science fiction. Show them the joy of the real thing.
I’ve never met an Eyewitness book I didn’t like. Neither did my kids when they were that age or older.
You can pick them up cheap at Goodwill. Those books will be some of the best investments you will ever make for those kids. .

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She IS babysitting @LuckyGuy!

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Sorry I didn’t know this question would cause drama.

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LOL @RockerChick14 Everything causes drama here! We just take stuff seriously. Yes, let them watch Dr. Who and feed them Ice Cream and Pop Tarts for dinner! You go! :)

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Oh…babysitting…. I had not idea. Now I get it. This is a weekend event with a babysitter. I’d still try to read them a book. (Rather than texting and updating my FB page. :p )

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I once worked retail at a place that sold dvd/cds/games etc. And these two young girls came in with their dad…both no older than 8 tops,and they were quoting robot chicken and Friday. Comparatively: I’d say dr. Who is a safer bet (though this experience for me was quite hilarious)

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Yes. My 2 year old watches it with me sometimes.

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