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Is it okay to drink before noon?

Asked by buster (10244points) June 3rd, 2008

Im on vacation in florida and the rest of my family went somewhere. I was bored and started drinking beer at 11am.

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i started drinking every day on spring break in mexico at about 10:00 am. nothing wrong with that. now, if you are shitfaced before noon, that might be a bad thing

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haha good use of the link

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cheers!..can you think of a better breakfast?

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When I was vacationing in Thailand for the first time I got a bit tipsy first thing after I woke up since it was the first time >4.0 ac/volume beer was available to me in 6 months. If it’s not vacation you might have trouble justifying it.

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yeah not on vacation i usually wouldnt except st. pattys day, aka the greatest holiday ever

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Isn’t that one of the tests for the first signs of alcoholism?

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@seesul: that’s what I thought too. After a long night of partyin, my friend woke up the next morning and just chugged a beer. I think its disgusting personally.

I guess it depends on why you’re drinking the beer. Are you drinking to get drunk? Or just drinking a beer with a meal, because its refreshing, etc.?

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You’ve just got to ask yourself, “What would Jimmy Buffett do?”
Remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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Abshalootly! (hic!)

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i swear to drunk im not god

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you guys crack me up! im drunk as hell at 3pm!

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i wish i was, im sitting at work

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Provided it’s really warm, you may drink beer from 9:30am onwards.

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That was my answer….
Good job…and a “Great Answer” to you…

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Especially a Bloody Mary or a Screwdriver. You get all that good fruit juice.

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It’s cool as long as its your day off, and you don’t do it all the time.

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