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Should Fluther have a graveyard?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) August 25th, 2012

So many jellies have moved on for one reason or another to that great mansion in the ground, perhaps we should open a Fluther graveyard where their avatars can rest in peace and where we can leave a few respectful words in their memory. Thoughts?

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Other than their non-participation, how do you ever learn that a jellie has logged off for the final reboot?

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…I thought that was the chat room…

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@syz yes, you are right, it’s the graveyard hole and gravepool – the silent chat rooms.

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@zenvelo If you click on their avatar and find King Neptune chewing on their tentacles.

It could be nice to have a place to leave RIP messages but it would probably violate privacy.

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No. We should hire a good squad to find these people and force them to come back to fluther. Especially if they are dead!

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People move on and when they do, it must have been the right time for them. They are not in pain anymore. I keep the ones I liked (and there were quite a few) in my heart. The others, well… nuff said.

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How about a pigeon hole? Seems to be a fairly popular trait around here, coo….coo.

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Do you mean dead dead or “I’ve closed my account and don’t plan to come back” dead?

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The ghosts of jellies past live on in memory, no need to canonize them.
Besides, for every great jelly there is one rotten jelly that deserves to stay forever buried.
I can think of a couple jerky jellies that fall into the “good riddance” category. lol

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Sure. We can call it the “Please Pay Attention to Me” thread.

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No, some come back for that “de ja vu moment” where you thought you were gone, but find out nothing once back nothing has changed (for the better anyhow)

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@Hypocrisy_Central, You’re back! I hope you are well : )

I don’t know if you need a graveyard, although the idea is intriguing. I’m guessing that there is a rule, similar to the one where you are not to mention people on a thread, unless they are participating on a thread, unless it’s in a completely nuetral manner, and doesn’t reveal anything that wasn’t revealed by that particular Jelly, here or gone. Maybe Auggie can give us some insight.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see a sampling of some of the folks who have chosen to leave Fluther (I’ve been thinking about some of these folks lately) check out This Old Thread It kind of bums me out, because I really enjoyed some of these Jellies.

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@Kardamom: There are so many more than on that thread! In the 5 years I’ve been here, I’ve seen so many come and go.

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I think that it would be a good idea to have a restable timer for log-in’s. If a person doesn’t log in for a specified time, he’s put on the inactive list. If he still doesn’t log in it’s off the the graveyard. That would clean up some of the long term questions that are hanging around.

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Well, if we had that, it would definitely serve the purpose of seeing who was once active. But since you can come back at any time and ask Auggie to open a closed account again, that sort of defeats the purpose…methinks we’d have quite a haunted graveyard. Besides, unless someone is banned, I don’t think Fluther has the right to decide who’s ’‘gone’’, even if they don’t come back for like, seven years.
Secondly, for those who truly move on and, for whatever reason, don’t plan to ever come back no matter what, it’s a little unjust to put them up to this type of exposition, if you will. They may not appreciate it, if they knew.
We can talk about former members and go, hey man, remember so and so? They rocked. Personally I think it should be left at that.

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@Kardamom – there were a bunch of people in that thread with substantial amounts of lurve, and I never even heard of them, and now they are gone. I wonder if I was gone for a while and don’t remember it???

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Tee hee. @janbb said testicles. OOps. She actually said If you click on their avatar and find King Neptune chewing on their tentacles..

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