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Can you pinpoint the proof of the following story?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 25th, 2012

This one

How does a reporter indicate that he has first hand knowledge of the story? By just stating he witnessed it or by not having to state he witnessed it?

It doesn’t refer to anything that shows that the reporter got the info from a reliable source, it doesn’t say the reporter witnessed it, there is no video evidence of it, it doesn’t refer to teeth marks on the snake etc. If we heard the story from an acquaintance what questions would we ask?

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Never mind, everyone I guess they matched his teeth marks on the sanke?

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The fact that the BBC reported it means it can be believed. They have a reporter in Nepal called Bikram Niraula and he spoke with the victim and would have taken basic steps to verify what was said. I think it is a true story, but the reason the farmer survived is likely because the snake’s supply of venom was depleted.

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I’m just curious what are the basic steps in this case?

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Note:The OP was edited after my response to @flutherother.

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