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Is U.S. still seen as powerful as before?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) June 3rd, 2008

Has the economy affected our influence in other countries? this a sign of weakness?

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I personally as a us citizen view the country weaker. I worry about the future and the way things are going it dosent seem to get better soon.

I think other countires view us weak as well. I mean look at the work market. The us dollar is not excatly the best its ever been.

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As long as our corporations continue to outsource labor and service industries to other countries to save a buck (or billion), the core value of our country will shift away from being a provider of goods and services to the world to being dependent on other countries for our needs and resources.

This subsistence will likely collapse our economy, and the effects on housing and energy consumption are just the start of this pandemic, and are indicative of a cycle of decline.

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We all know that the U.S. is still a force to be reckoned with, both for firepower and sheer size and population. However, I don’t think the U.S. is looked upon as a leader anymore – or at least not for the right reasons. Unfortunately it is not leading by example these days. If anything, it’s ruling through fear.

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I think the US are seen as a joke! Certainly not the powerhouse they thought they were! One word – iraq, the modern day vietnam!

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It’s a bit like when the 5 year old gets hold of the nail-gun. You will listen and approach with caution, but it’s not because you think they should be in charge.

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we still got all our nukes. we got the means to do whatever we want.we are the power. what was it doctor dre said? ” i still got my guns what do you think i sold them all?”

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nukes – nail-gun…..

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personal opinion America is pretty much the asshole of the world

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Seeing U.S. from an external point of view (I am european), I see U.S. has lost much of the power use to have. This was kind of predictable, as other major economies are growing (such as china, or india) and in some way led U.S. (and here it comes my personal opinion) react badly to something that is quite natural, thus worsening a situation that was not rosy already.
Economy is made of cycles, this is one of the first rules my macroeconomics teacher spoke of in university.

Let me conclude with a little shortlist of what I like and what I don’t, of U.S. (and please don’t take it too personal):
Things that I do like:
1. You are pretty much the first country when it comes to founding and pushing research forward in any field, and that is tremendous.
2. U.S. is the country where it is possible (or at least is the country with the most possibilities) to start from scratch and earn your first million

Things that I do not like:
1. You are not the world’s freedom-defender, and you have to recognize it and stop messing around with foreign countries that do not obey to your very subjective idea of democracy.
2. You have the same possibilities to be attacked by terrorists as half of the civilized countries in the world, thus please stop being histeric about security! (Ok, I am still a bit annoyed about my last visit to JFK airport)

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Remains to be seen. If we can tidy Iraq and cut a deal with Iran it will give us time over the next two years to calm relations and present our side of the question. Korea will be a place to work and so will Syria.

All in all, we do have work to do, but if we make peace the world will settle down. People do not like uncertainty and doubt.

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