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Do cat repellent sprays work for you when you spray them?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) August 25th, 2012

I have a cat that constantly defacates outside my door. I bought a repellent and sprayed generously but…..the next morning she had done it again! Are they not effective or does one have to continue spraying that stuff for a long time until it actually works. It repelled me for sure but not her!

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None that I’ve ever tried.

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Yeah, any that I ever tried seemed to work better on humans than on felines… is there any way you can block access to the area?

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It’s a stray cat, right? Do you have any animals inside?

The only other thing I can think of would be to go buy the biggest bottle of vinegar you can find, and just scrub and soak the entire area by the door.

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It was once a stray but has lived year for years, so no longer a stray! I have just sprayed a bit of vinegar, but perhaps you are right about scrubbing and soaking the whole area.

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Maybe she’s just trying to you that is where she wants the litterbox. lol…

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In my experiences they’re hit and miss at best. I even had one cat that would insist on investigating (and typically clawing at) anything she happened to catch you spraying.

You can always try mixing vinegar, cayenne, and maybe diluted lemon juice and spraying that over a wide area, not just the immediate area you’re trying to keep her away from. Just make sure it’s not going to irrecoverably stain whatever surface you spray it on and stay away from essential oils as a deterrent they are toxic to cats and dogs even in small quantities.

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