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Baby bearded dragon... We've had him a day and a half and no poop. Is this normal?

Asked by poofandmook (17282points) August 26th, 2012 from iPhone

There is SO MUCH varied information on the Internet for these little guys. We bought him Friday evening, fed him half a dozen tiny crickets (within the between-the-eyes rule), gave him a few hours of basking, and then the night black light.

Now, admittedly, we did have sand and pellet bedding the first night. After reading how bad it is, I immediately got rid of it and lined the bottom with black felt (figured it would absorb the heat well). Basking temp was 90–100 all day, ate 12–14 crickets and a tiny amount of green bean slices. Misted 3 times. Still, no poop.

I’m going to do the warm bath thing in the morning, but I wanted to know if it’s too early to worry yet. Some people have said that the new environment could stall pooping a couple of days, but most say 1–2 times a day.

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Sounds like you looking after your dragon beautifully. How did the bathing turn out?

Its true they do take a little while to settle in. I have heard of no pooping for three days at this time. At three days though you should definitely seek a vet!
I have read its good to have a shallow bowl of water available for babies in the tank as well as misting and you should offer babies food three times a day with fruit and vegies. Release the prey one at a time so the baby wont feel overwhelmed and enjoy the chase. Also if you approach a dragon from above and not the side it can make them suddenly nervous as predators attack from above in the wild.
Bathing seems to vary from every other day to once a week. Every other day seems to be a way of training the baby to poop in the water and not in the tank.
I have read that you can use olive oil, mineral oil or puree of pumpkin or apple sauce with a gentle tummy massage (downward toward the vent) as a laxative if you feel hard lumps in their gut which usually means an impaction, because you have a baby dragon though it might be best to just see a vet. They are very delicate. Or just ask an internet vet to put your fears to rest. I can see you know that the correct heating is very important to the digestion of Bearded Dragons, so also is washing your hands before contact very important
You might want to introduce some play time into the routine, they like routine. Here is a link. This will help you make friends quickly and any activity is also good for digestion.

Good luck. I hope this helped. They really are beautiful creatures with a lovely nature.

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I love it that someone could answer this question! Good job!

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He enjoyed his bath… But he enjoyed the bath in his own house more! He has a water rock and I put nice warm water in it, enough to come up to his belly, and put him in it and he stayed in for an hour or so. Ate a cricket or two… Basked a while… And he just pooped. Yay!!

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@poofandmook – hooray for the pooping!

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As to your suggestion about routine, after he eats (I transfer him to another cage for crickets) and I put him back in his house, I place him directly in his warm bath, which I’ve changed while he’s feeding. I would love to see if I can get him trained to self bathe after cricket time :)

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