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Care to share some really glaring grammatical or spelling errors that are on public postings?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42261points) August 26th, 2012

This on Facebook.

Also, at one of our local convenience stores someone had hung a hand scribbled sign on the door. It read:

No shirt
No shoes
No pets
No service.

So I tried to take my dog in and they kicked me out. (Not really. But I did point the error out, and apparently I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Today I saw that “No Pets” had been torn off. They didn’t re-write it, they just ripped off that part. Sign is tacky as hell!)

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Ha ha on me! Auggie! That should read ”...point the error OUT! Not ‘our’.” Can you fits it please?

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*fix. You’re batting 1000 here.

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Hello kettle, this is Duchess, you’re black!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (There is no “T” in Duchess!)

(Still giggling) Seriously, there is a medical transport where I live and all their vans have their stupid motto on them; “Were going places.” It makes me insane. I actually called the stupid number once a couple years ago and told the guy who answered the phone what was wrong with that and he told me that I must really have nothing else to do with my time, as if seeing such an abvious mistatke would require some sort of herculean effort.

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You guys…I know all that! I was poking fun at myself. (“Dutchess” with a ‘T’ is an OLD inside joke from Wisdm years ago.) But keep giggling guys! That’s my goal. ;)

“abvious” @Trillian? Fine! I sea were this thread is heading! :) Excellent example @Trillian. That would drive me NUTS too. I mean, I would write letters and stuff. I would visit them. And stuff. I would spray paint an apostrophe on it. And stuff.

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@Dutchess_III No worries. We still love you. Let me see if I can find an example. They cause laughter when spotted, especially when in another country where English isn’t the first language.

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@Dutchess_III I fitsed it for you. ;)

The one I love the most was a sign I passed several times a week. It was a big one, professionally printed, on someone’s private property, and it read:

America can not afford all the illegals that SNEEK across our BOARDERS.

I so badly wished I could put up a sign next to it that said:

America cannot afford semi-literate citizens who can’t spell “sneak” and “borders”.

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I ♥ Auggie!!

O my @augustlan. Wow. Not to mention using “that” instead of “who.” I woulda been sending annonomus letters…and going after the signs with a red magic marker. :)

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There is a debt management company in my town, and their advertising sign says “We have client’s debt free in an average of 12 months”. This sentence does not mean what they think it means.

Also on the drinks vending machine in my office there is a sign saying “Please do not fill water bottles from this machine. You will brake it.”

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OMG. Have you said anything @downtide? You need a teacher fairy to swoop in with her red magic marker?

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No. While it may be humorous, it’s actually sort of rude to call attention to and laugh at another person’s misspellings. Perhaps they are doing the best they can – laughing at them, even from a distance, is needless cruelty.

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At our local tobacco store, taped to the “take a penny, give a penny” bowl, there was a handwritten sign: “This is not a ashtray.” I tried to ignore it for the longest time, but one day I just broke. “AN ashtray, damn it. This is not AN ashtray!”

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@elbanditoroso This question specified PUBLIC postings. That is not one person “doing the best they can.” We aren’t talking about 3rd graders.

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Well gosh, @Trillian, maybe they’re not going places any more….
There’s an ice cream shop nearby; the sign says ‘Ice cream at it’s best’- argh!

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@augustlan did they ever change it?

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The guy I said it to ended up just ripping the sign off the bowl. I never saw another one go up in its place. :)

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Someone close to me had a sign on their gate that said “Loose dogs in yard”.
They changed it after people kept asking how they knew the dogs were loose.

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There was one on a Hotel Marquee that said “Welcome navy personal”
On every dryer in a coin op years ago there were metal plaques that all said “Do to large increases in gas. We are sorry we are forced to raise to 25.” That killed me simply because they had the same mistakes on all of them. Just to make the point, I guess.
@elbanditoroso Cruelty? What?
@ccrow Well, but they were at some point. Apparently.

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One of my favorite sites for funny misspelled humor is called

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Saw a billboard the other day for a Resteraunt that said “alot.” It was fixed in less than a week.
Please don’t point out all my typos from fluther though!~
And speaking of Resteraunts, a friend of ours has a plumbing company and spelt it wrong on his trucks.
Again, I am the first person to need a proof reader so I try to reserve judgement.

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@Dutchess_III I sent an email to the debt management company. It was actually a humorous one about the dangers of “rogue apostrophes” and how vigilance was needed otherwise they breed. I was rather proud of it but they didn’t change the sign.

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The hospital where I work part time has signs next to the lifts saying “Please consider taking the stairs.” I so want to put a sign next to them asking “Where would you like me to take them too?”

We have a sign on a business near my home advertising a “HOMOEOPATH”- is that natural remedies for gay people, I’m wondering?

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To, too, two. Sigh,

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Here’s one: I said the word summarization in public the other day.

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@Harold, put that sign up! Pretty please? I would love to see what would happen.

I really shouldn’t laugh. I know that I make some glaringly obvious mistakes sometimes too!

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Yeah, @GracieT. Me too. But not on something I’m going to post for the whole world to see. (Here doesn’t count. We’re in our own family mansion here. SOME family members dance around the house nakky and scare the shit of some others so who cares about an occasional spelling lapse!)

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You can see when I do that @Dutchess_III? :-|

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@GracieT – If I didn’t value my job I just might! You have every right to laugh. A truly mature person knows how to laugh at themselves too…...........

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