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Does printing shipping through eBay save you money, or is it just for convenience?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4948points) August 26th, 2012

I’ve been selling stuff on eBay, and when my item sells, eBay tells me I can either print out a shipping label and pay with PayPal, or I can ship from my preferred shipper. Does shipping with the eBay label have any benefits other than convenience? Is the postage more or less expensive?

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eBay’s shipping service is really mostly a convenience option. It’s more for them than for you. Providing that service is a way for them to take an extra step in ensuring that sellers ship items properly and promptly.

I’ve always just used my own methods and it works out fine.

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@gambitking That’s what I figured. I work about 5 minutes from the post office, so I’ve never had an issue with getting an item out quickly, and delivery confirmation is always 80 cents well spent to cover my bases.

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Yup that’s exactly what I do. Forever stamps for most things, or a quick weigh-and-pay on packages with 80 cents for confirmation. Then you can use the tracking number in paypal to lock in your seller protection for that item and you’re golden.

As far as ebay’s shipping tools…. PFFFF like they need any more of my allegiance

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don’t bother with it, it really is just annother way for ebay to make money, when an item sells, there will be a load of options for you to choose from, do not click on the postage label, click on the bit where it shows the buyers information, you will see where to send the item to on there…hope that made sense, it made sense in my head anyway

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It saves me LOTS of money per year printing through Ebay. I don’t recall if the savings through USPS is only available to Ebay stores, or if everyone selling through Ebay gets the same discount. At times during the holiday rush, USPS charges Parcel or first class rates for Priority shipping (depends on what zone the items ship to). I not only save money during those peak shipping times, my customers are thrilled to recieve their goods as fast as they would the rest of the year.

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