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Can anyone suggest a good coffee grinder?

Asked by Mr_Paradox (3017points) August 26th, 2012

Mine broke and it was never really good anyway. I need a new one since I don’t buy ground coffee and am a cranky bastard in the morning without my coffee.

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The best I’ve come across (online and not having tried it) is the $150 KitchenAid burr grinder. Lesser priced burr grinders clog periodically, so unless someone else here knows better, you’re probably just as well getting whatever’s at your favorite store.

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For sure get a burr grinder; crushing the beans is much better than chopping them. I did a bunch of research to find the most affordable good one, and came up with the Capresso. It has served me very well for about three years so far – no clogs.

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Burr grinder, I’ve got a Mr. Coffee. Cost under $40. Works great.

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I have had very good reliability with Krups equipment. Their burr grinder works well.

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