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Filming on a roller-coaster?

Asked by Dazed_and_Confused (361points) August 26th, 2012

Hello there, my boyfriend and I are going to Valley Fair (a Minnesota theme park) in September. I really want to film our nieces reaction on some of the rides and not to mention the ride itself. What is the best way to go about this?
How should I hold the camera? How do I make sure its safe? Have you ever attempted it before? What kind of camera do you recommend?

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You can put a Go Pro camera on a harness.

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The only complaint I have with the Go Pro camera (at least the ones I’ve seen) is that its fish eye. Its a nice effect sometimes but it gets annoying after a while. Aside from that though I think its a really versatile camera that is great for filming “adventures”. Not knowing another camera like it off hand I would recommend it as well as long as you can deal with fish eye.

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We just got one. Haven’t used it a lot. I think you can take it off th fish eye mode. At least that’s what hubby said when he told me he was buying it.

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Im honestly not sure, I’ve just met two people with that camera and both said you couldnt. But for all I know, they dont know what they’re talking about.

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I’ll let you know.

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afaik the go-pro is always fish eye unless you “hack” it by adding a lens or using some sort of after effects on the video.

That said, I’m sure there are cameras out there with interchangeable lenses. There are alternatives to the go-pro.

As far as holding the camera on the coaster goes: I’ve seen everything from duct-taped around the hand to mounted on the front of the coaster. If you were to get a helmet with it mounted then you could capture multiple angles (though it might be a bit shakier.. what with all the g-forces)

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