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Instead of Fluther and Jellies - it's your turn to "design" a social website?

Asked by zensky (13372points) August 27th, 2012

We haven’t played this in a while.

The Herd, with Cows, and bullshit are already taken…


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The congress of baboons.

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Awww… I was sure you’d go for a surfer’s theme…

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@zensky : It’s election season here. :(

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The Left Wing and its feathers. (until the userbase expands some..) xD

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A cluster of stars? That’s for you Jean Luc.

A colony of Gulls? You know because we are so noisy.

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Clowder and cats, because we are always so curious.

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Homes. And we could all be Homies (or Hos, if any actually prefer that).

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I like JLeslie’s idea. The galaxy, and we’re all stars. Something like that.

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For the controversial questions: A Murder of Crows.

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A cauldron of witches…...A harem of harpies….....A slightly bemused throng of perpetual lock ins.

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Wise advice from the gooseswami for all your fowl problems

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gathering of cowards.

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The Periodic Table and the users are elements. You’d cover most of the basic character types we have here: highly reactive, noble, unstable, radioactive, gaseous, rare earth, heavy, metaloids…

Members could give or take away electrons from other members, ionizing them. Some members would form covalent bonds. Others would have to be kept apart to prevent explosive reactions.

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Thorninmud is ‘Bro’mine.

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Dead body and maggots? Right @Symbeline?

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The Swarm and bees.

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No bees!!! I know, you probably think since I am a sunflower I would appreciate the bees, but I don’t want any buzzing around me.

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Rose and bushes. . .

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The Pterodactyl Union. Fiddle and I actually started that on Facebook, too.

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Escargot and Snails.

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The pride and the lions

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Hooligans in the parking lot. if we were in the eighties

@mazingerz88 eeew maggots

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The Warriors and gangbangers.

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’‘clings bottles together’’ Come ooouuut to plaaaaaayyyyyyy…

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Kool-Aid. Come in and have a sip. What’s your flavor?

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