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Does anyone have any info on a 10 record radio station copy of "The Beatles' Story"?

Asked by BeckenBocker1 (16points) August 27th, 2012

It’s complete with a letter from the company to the radio station with instructions of when/how to air. There is also a transcript with verbal cues for commercial breaks. I know that it was produced by the BBC in ‘78. Has anyone ever seen a copy of this or have any other research tips that could help?

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It might be this which the BBC produced in 1973 and which was repeated on BBC Radio 6 Music in 2010.

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Thanks so much! I was able to contact one of the people behind that particular item to ask those poignant questions they should know. I had found that exact page earlier today and MISREAD the thing (can you believe THAT!) but a thousand thank yous!

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