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Is it easier to forgive or to forget?

Asked by themherme (191points) June 3rd, 2008

I myself find it very hard to forget yet extremely easy to forgive.

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Both are hard for me,

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I would think it depends on the offense.

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It’s easier for me to forgive because there will always be little things to make you remember.

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I don’t do either one easily. I normally just stop caring after a few days. And if I am really pissed I will tell them to “fuck off” and stop communicating with them.

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forgive, because you can forget something temporarily, but then remember it. but if you really forgive then no matter how much u think about it u have always forgiven the person for it. neither are easy but forgiving is easier. and technically this would always be true. because if you cant forgive it you for sure cant forget it

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I think it’s much easier to forget than to forgive.

Forgetting can be as simple as distracting yourself or moving away from something. Forgiveness requires swallowing your pride in addition to deep inner reflection.

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yeah but i mean you cant say you have forgotten about it if u havent forgiven the person, because there will always be that part of you that still feels hurt by the action so you havent forgotten if u havent forgiven

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It’s easier for me to forgive rather than to forget. Are we talking about relationships?

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Well no particular type of relationship, just in general… I would assume that in a romantic relationship its a hell of a lot harder to do either… in a platonic relationship is easy for me to forgive, but I always, always, always remember…

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Usually it’s easier for me to forget. But that’s cuz my memory sucks.

If whatever happened was really traumatizing, then the event would probably be ingrained in my memory. In that case, it would be harder for me to forgive.

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Forget… Wait, what was the question?

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Poor Babo

Skier is right, we can’t count on forgetting, so it’s not so easy. Forgiving can be hard
but we can achieve it voluntarily. So I say forgiving is more attainable. Therefore
forgetting is harder. Therefore forgiving is “easier”.

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