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How many hours of labor to change a power steering hose on a '98 Stratus?

Asked by codette (400points) August 27th, 2012

Just wondering if my mechanic is giving me an accurate estimate on labor time. I need a leaky power steering hose replaced on a 1998 Dodge Stratus. Smoke has been coming out from under the hood; it is steering fluid dripping onto the exhaust and burning off.

Replacing this single hose was estimated as a $350 job because it will supposedly take a long time to reach the location.

Does anyone know how long a job like this should take?

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Go to and enter the details about your car and the work to be done, and your ZIP Code. (I had to select “power steering pump replacement” from the catalog; I didn’t see anything for “power steering hose” by itself.)

On a ‘98 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl. 2.4 liter base model in north-central Connecticut, that’s estimated as a $300 job at an independent shop, $513 at a dealer’s, and just under $100 in do-it-yourself parts cost.

So to answer your question, if the labor cost is around $200 (less the shop’s markup on the cost of the parts), then that seems like it’s about a two-and-a-half hour job, give or take (assuming shop labor costs of around $75 per hour, which is in the ballpark).

Your mileage may vary.

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Yes. They told me about 2–3 hours of labor for the job on my stratus. It was around 250$ after searching mechanics in the area. That was the lowest price!

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