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Do good things come to those who wait?

Asked by themherme (194points) June 3rd, 2008

lol I really need some oppinions on this one because I am a good person dang it and I have been waiting for, oh lets see, 24 years lol.

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those who wait for what?

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Well you waited 5 minutes and going by the answer you got it is a resounding no.

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for good things duh lol :*P

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Depends on where you wait, maybe you should try standing outside of a bank (somebody is bound to drop some money). And then if waiting does not work out for ya, why not try doing things the good ol’ bad way!

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Good things don’t come to you. You have to seek them out, cease them! If you just sit around and wait with no drive to get what you want – how do you even know what you’re waiting for?

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If you really are a good person then shouldn’t the satisfaction of being a good person already be a good thing? ;-)

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trogdor, you’re right, if you wait for the train on the tracks…

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yeah sometimes, just be patient.

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Yes, but it often seems better when you get good things because you haven’t gotten one in a while. (For being nice?)

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@ Notreallyhere will send you to your destination of happiness! Is that what you were going to say???

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I would say yes waiting can be worth it. Don’t be impatient. Of course that doesn’t mean don’t be active.
It’s like waiting for the berry bush to give fruit. Patience gets wonderful sweet berries. Not waiting can mean well “ick”! Then again if your not actively watering and tending the plant you will also reap less. Did that make sense?

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if you’re waiting for brownies to cook, then my answer is YES.

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you can’t wait. you got to go out and take it. you got to put some effort into something if you want to get something out of it.

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@trogdor you were reading my mind.

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It all depends on the “thing” in question. But yeah I believe so, trogdor said it best some things are worth the wait

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