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Do you use a water filter?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) August 27th, 2012

If so, what kind?

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I use Brita. Mostly used for drinking water and making coffee. I don’t mind unfiltered tap water, but the one here tastes like a nuclear accident. So I’m thankful for the Brita.

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I used to used a brita jug filter, literally just a jug with a replaceable cartridge, but never had a proper undersink filter, it was great until the then water supply was contaminated with cryptosporidium. No filter that i’m aware of can completely remove something like that, so now it’s much easier just to bulk buy bottled water regularly. (Getting sick from the crytosporidium was indescribably bad, never again)

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A Brita filter for me, too.

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Brita for us, as well.

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Water filter is built-in refrigerator.

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No, but I actually want one put on at the point the water enters the house. I find the chemicals that are released when I have a shower in winter (steam) really make me cough. I think I must be sensitive to the chlorine or whatever. I don’t know the brand but filtering before the water comes into the house makes sense to me.

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No. I am lucky to have beautiful water from a very deep well. Occasionally, after a very heavy rain, it has a little sulphur odor. But if I leave it in a pitcher in the fridge for a while, it is delicious.

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I have a home distiller. Only way to have pure water.

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Brita is the one for me.

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I have a Brita pitcher at my apartment. It’s more to keep the water cool in the refrigerator and I figure why not filter it at the same time?

At home, most of the water I drink comes from the refrigerator’s water dispenser and that has a filter built in.

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Yes, I use a large PŪR jug filter (this one). I have a faucet-mounted filter as well, but it doesn’t fit any of the faucets in my current apartment. Lewis Black has a routine that eloquently expresses how I feel about no longer being able to drink straight from the tap as I could when I was a child.

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Funny clip, but he’s never played Russian roulette Irish style, ah the memories, nah, i never played it but it was popular with the students, fill a table with glasses of bottled water, one with tap water – dunno why Christopher Walken never made a movie about the cryptosporidium outbreak we had.

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I’m in the Brita Brigade as well, I never realised it had such following. My previous filter jug was a Blackmores, the jug was made of glass which is a great idea until it gets smashed against the edge of the kitchen bench, then it’s time to go for plastic.

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No, I should. The water here smells like a swimming pool. Plus this is a really old house. I just drink it, or drink bottled water.

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@Tachys How much does a home distiller cost? What brand do you recommend?

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Nope. I fill my water glass at the kitchen sink, and my ice cubes go in little plastic trays in the freezer – filled from the tap.
Not that I judge anyone that chooses filtered or bottled water, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people will look at me funny if I fill glasses from the tap at my house. I’ve even had at least one younger person just flat out refuse to drink it.

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We have a counter top Brita Filter for drinking water. Our tap water has sediments in it, and I don’t like the idea of drinking it.

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I drink tap water too @DigitalBlue. I just fill a jug and put it in the fridge and any chlorine etc. dissipates. While I was away recently we had to drink tank water and it was just beautiful. Freezing cold and tasted beautiful. I didn’t cough when I had a shower at all either. There are no chemicals added. We aren’t allowed to have tank water plumbed into our house because town water is available. My husband would much rather put in a rainwater tank so we could drink and shower using that. It could be backed-up from the mains. Local government regulations won’t let us though.

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@Bellatrix that does sound ideal. Our water is nice, it doesn’t have an odor or sediment, and I have never noticed a difference in the way it looks or tastes, unless there is an algae bloom. We have a well on the property, but we don’t drink from that, it’s good for watering plants, though.

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No. I drink mine straight up, right out of the tap. It tastes great. I do not use the ice maker on my refrigerator. I use plastic trays instead.

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Water Filter is must. I use double layered gauge water purifier.

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My fridge has one, and it really does make a difference. I don’t mind tap water, usually, but here it’s not very tasty and has a lot of sediment. We have to use a water softener, too, because it’s also extremely hard water.

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I use PUR filters on the faucets in my house, it seems to get out the most contaminants.

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Thanks for the answers everyone!

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We have delicious drinking water, as I said, from my well, but the hardness is a challenge. I have been leaving water in an enamel bathtub and a nice stainless steel stock pot for the times when I have no power.

Both the insides of the tub and stockpot are pitted at the water line due to chemicals in the water.

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@2davidc8 got it from amazon. Megahome distiller. Works great so far.

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Water quality isn’t a big issue around here and there are far more important issues to worry about I think.

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@Tachys OK, thank you. Will look into it!

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No, luckily the water that comes straight out of my tap is perfectly drinkable and doesn’t smell or taste funny.

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