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Are long distant relationships possible?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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it depends on the people. if you are one of those people who gets bored really easily in a relationship, no. but for some people they work out just fine. so my answer would be


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what about trust? Has to be alot of it

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@ hollister, yeah for sure, thats why i said sometimes. i mean theres no way to say it will or wont work, but i guess if you never try it you wont know

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I feel long-distant relationships are equally as possible as any other relationships, it just means you have to stay in touch more often by phone/email/IM. And you have to be patient. Hollister, do you mean to just stay in touch, or wait until you can go visit them? If I had more info I could answer better, but generally, I say that you should just stay in touch and wait for the day.

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I was going to ask this question… LOL…

Well yeah it is possible. I live in long beach Cali. My girl lives in paramount Cali, but during weekdays she lives in Pomona ca. Its really far from long beach. Well yeah she comes on the weekends.

My brother has a girlfriend in Ohio.and its working out for them. So yeah its possible.

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I realize this was an old question. I just thought it would be ok to bring it out again since we have new members

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yeah cause if you didnt I was gonna ask.. LOL.

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Long AND distant?

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@Hollister; question is fine; there are some really carefully thought-out responses to some of the earlier questions. An ordeal by fire for many; workable for the lucky few. Age and distance are factors.

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@babo i think he meant long distance

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Yes, if you love each other you can make it work.

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trust is a big factor. my friend had a boyfriend it italy and they would talk hours on end, and if the boyfriend heard a guy in the background, then they would get in a huge fight (in italian, so it seems even bigger). they also made deals like the girl couldnt wear a skirt unless at a formal event, and the boyfriend cant drive certain people in his car.

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that’s just crazy. Wow!

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i would never agree to this, unless i was gonna marry this chick

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I’d love for a girl to do that for me =) Awesome = girls wearing skirts specifically for me.

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yes, distance is changeable at some time. you live once (except for those who believe in reincarnation but you may not end up a person again)

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