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Do you think women married to military men today or more or less faithful?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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It depends on the person, and their beliefs really. But in my opinion it would be difficult to stay with someone I hardly ever see. It’s more tempting to cheat on your spouse when you aren’t around them as much. And it’s way to easy to lose interest.

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I agree with wizard.

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You can’t be “more or less faithful.” It’s similar to being “more or less pregnant”

I would speculate that the percent of unfaithful partners in the military is the same as that of the married population as a whole. Either you love and trust your spouse, or you shouldn’t be married. That is not to say that some people stray…but it is too bad.

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I guess I was trying to stress are women (and men for the matter) more unfaithful today than in past times. Why are we at over 50 percent divorces?

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The divorce rate is more to do with how easily people get married and the fact that they can get divorced. True dedication hasn’t changed – the concept of marriage as a life-long commitment has.

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so nothing has changed? Just that divorces are easier today and less taboo?

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Being in the military and married to a military man, I’d say no. I’ve seen alot in my time of service and I think that some women marry these men not understanding the full concept of their duty. They then get bored or feel lonely and stray, but are alot of us who love their spouses and understand the sacrifice they go through and don’t cheat.

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In my opinion, that is correct. You don’t really believe that people weren’t unfaithful before they had the option to split up, do you? Cheating just didn’t end in divorce back then. Still doesn’t in many countries – that doesn’t mean people are any more or any less faithful.

But I do think people have started making more light of the commitment of marriage, so it isn’t necessarily the serious commitment it used to be.

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Do you think other countries value marriage more than we americans do?

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There are countries that still practice arranged marriages and where the idea of divorce is punishable by death!
(so yes, I think they take it more seriously than a couple of 21 year olds running off to vegas)

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I understand that. How about more modern western type civilizations. Like Europe, Asia and such

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well maybe they are because they dont really see the person

is it me or are guys that go in to the military get married too soon.. like i have a friend from high school who got married to her bf and hes in the military and my cousin she got married to her bf recently because hes in the military and hes about to deploy.. why do they do it.. i guess its cause they get some benifits from being married to them cause she gets all this money and benefits.. AND she WAS pregnant and they were gonna give her all these things for her and the baby.. but she had a miscarriage..

idk.. i personally want to get married when im financially stable. cause i dont wanna be married and still living in my parents house

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Divorce was finally legalised in Ireland in 1996, so I don’t believe folks here have quite the same ‘easy come, easy go’ approach to marriage just yet.

Other countries, like Sweden and Denmark, have relatively few marriages to begin with because it’s been socially accepted since the 60’s to live together, raise a family together, without ever being married. The few that do get married are very serious about their commitments – either for religious reasons or they really want to go that extra mile to declare their commitment.

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@melly6708 I agree they people in the military marry too young. I believe it’s because they are far away from home for the first time and lonely. I myself didn’t marry my husband until I was 27.

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I agree too. I got married early when I got in military. I was young lonely and plus they pay you more

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yeah thats what i was thinking.. my family is saying that my cousin and her bf(husband) planned on the baby.. that it wasnt an accident.. cause she had a plan all figured out that she supposedly thought of off the top of her head. well who knows

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