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How do I cancel fluther account?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) June 3rd, 2008
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You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave….

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Stop visiting. Delete the bookmark if you have one. Delete the cookie. Stop visiting.

And you can change your e-mail and password to gibberish if you must.

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Man, you’re quitting? I never even got to know you! There is no need to cancel your account, just stop visiting

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Click on “contact” and send the mods a request.

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It’s just needed to be done right now guys.

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This has been completed.

Though in general, just logging out and ignoring us is all you need to do if you’re done with Fluther. Eyes tear up.

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I don’t get it! Why would you want to leave Fluther?

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WHY would you want to?!!

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Did someone get hacked?

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huh? this question doesn’t even make sense to me. why?

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Kids psshhhhhhh :rollseyes:

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PupnTaco pssshhhhhh :rolls eyes:

edit Ben- your response made me sad!! eyes tear up too

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You never know. But I am sure the person had a good reason to want to leave. And it isn’t like it is hard to come back.

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Maybe alina was “punished” in some way (perhaps by her SO?) and told to outright cancel her membership?

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It hurts us when we lose one of our familia.

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