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What is your favorite type of incense?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) August 28th, 2012

What incense is favorite?
Cones, powder, or sticks?

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I am way too sensitive to smoke to use any kind of incense. I prefer to bake cookies or bread for a good smelling house. I occasionally simmer apples in cinnamon. Everyone in my house loves the smell of onions being fried, so I do that at least once a week.

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Whichever kind my computer likes:-)
Sometimes I simmer spices on the stove to put a nice smell in the house- cinnamon, cloves, that sort of thing.

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This is the best I’ve found. Very refined traditional Japanese incense. I especially like the aloeswood formulations. They’re very thin little sticks of pure incense (no bamboo at the core).

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@thorninmud nice. I know this kind. I prefer the Nag Champa. I even searched far and wide for the essential oil component, and found it to wear and put in my shampoo. Creative Imports has the best I’ve found.

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Nag Champa is a good go-to, but my favorite brand is Gonesh Sticks.

@YARNLADY : Haha, I fry onions at least once a day on average. My apartment always smells like that!

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@bookish1 Oh, I would, but I try to avoid fried foods.

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I couldn’t tell you the name, because I don’t read hindi, but there’s a sandalwood scented one at the Indian grocery where I buy the henna for my hair. I just love it. It comes in sticks and cones. I find the sticks the easiest, because I can tamp them out if I just want a little scent. The eucalyptus one is great, too.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’ll have to check out the local natural food co-op and see if they might have anything like that!

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I like the brand Gonesh,. The sticks are my personal favorite and my scent is Oil and Spices.

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