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Why would some of the hairs on my head be growing slowly or not at all?

Asked by Afos22 (3990points) August 28th, 2012

Right now the majority of the hairs on my head are about ¾ of an inch long. I shaved my head with a #1 trimmer length a few months ago. When I run my hand backwards through my hand, and then press down, I can feel the tips of hairs that are significantly shorter than the rest. Has anyone heard of anything like this happening? and what would cause such a thing? Also, I’m a twenty-one year old man and I am not taking any medication.

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I’d say it is “thinning out”, I started going bald in the seven grade.

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@Afos22 what @Tropical_Willie said, plus you might have too much testosterone (yeah, that’s right ;-) coursing through your veins. Talk to your doctor, but I’m afraid your hair is doomed. I’m nearing 28 and my hair (once very thick and cool) has considerably thinned out, I’ve started noticing gray hairs some 4 years ago already, and probably in 4–5 years I will be shaving my head bald if this continues. Male pattern baldness and all.

Enjoy your hair while it lasts man, a lot of guys have this problem nowadays. Cheers!

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Hair grows in cycles and it varies on when its growing so the area that is slow growing just may not be in that point in its cycle to grow again.

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