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What is your Answer/Question ratio? (and other stats)

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) August 28th, 2012

At one point in the past, I noticed that I have many more answers than questions. A lot more. As of right now, I have written 1,353 answers on Fluther, but I have only asked 164 questions. That gives me an Answer/Question ratio of exactly 8.25.

This is my 807th day since joining Fluther, so I have written about 1.676 answers per day (it’s pretty close to phi, but not quite!). This also means that I have asked about 0.203 questions per day.

Anybody care to share your Fluther statistics?

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18 Questions, 3353 Answers, in 1877 days on Fluther.
That’s 1.78636121 answers per day, and a 186.27777778 A:Q
(I think I did the math correctly…)

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13,550 Answers, 206 questions, in 1244 days. My a/q is 65.7767.

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155 Questions 9916 Answers 1712 Days .
A/Q ratio 63.97.
Q per day .09
A per day 5.79

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437 questions, 29,230 answers over a period of 1729 days.

A/Q is 66.89

A per day is 16.9 (MIss blabbermouth here, apparently)

Q per day is .25

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You seriously expect me to do the math? Uh, no.
I have many more answers than Q.‘s simple, no need to break out my calculator. lol

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@Coloma; List your stats. I bet there will be someone (probably me) who can’t resist

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Please excuse my previously prying eyes, but @Coloma‘s A/Q ratio is about 382.

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I have asked only 25 questions. I don’t know where to find the number of answers I have given.
I joined Sept. 9 2009.
I don’t think I would do the math, even if I could.

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@wilma on your profile page there is a tab that says responses, should be listed right next to your questions

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The “response” tab does not appear on @wilma‘s profile page, which is odd.

@wilma; Contact Auggie and ask her.

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If @Wilma has set her preferences so that responses are not available, the response tab will not be there. My responses are also not available. You can change it back very easily.

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@gailcalled Looks like @Brian1946 couldn’t resist either. haha

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Questions 187
Responses 24,940
Joined 7/21/08

Someone else has to do the math for my little brain. Pretty please?

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I have absolutely no idea. I’m just not a numbers type of person. But if anyone else feels so inclined, be my guest :)

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Questions: 49
Answers: 3,372
Joined: November 29, 2008

I answer about 69 times more than I ask, and answer about .4 times a day. Lurve to answer ratio is about 3.9, but who cares about that.

Also, for those wondering about date to date calculations, this might help.

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Fucked if I know.

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Your A/Q ratio is about 133.

You’ve been a gelatinous life form for 1,500 days, which calculates to about 0.125 or *1/8th of a question each day, and 16.63 answers per day.

*A little less than a question a week.

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A/Q < 37.

0.123 questions/day.

4.56 answers/day.

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Over 592 days I have:

Made 7835 responses (I didn’t say answers because not all my posts here are ‘answers’)
Asked 101 questions.

This equates to:

0.17 Q per day.
13.23 R per day.

If there is more maths involved… I pass. Any math(s) whizzes who want to calculate ratios please feel free.

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I joined December 12, 2009.

I’ve asked 537 questions and responded 3835 times.

I’ll pass the math on to someone who cares.

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I joined 1180 days ago, and I’ve asked 94 questions.

I’ve written 6796 posts, which gives me an average of 5.75 posts per day.

Ratio: 72+ posts per question.

I’d be happy to never ask a question again. Most of them have been crap, honestly…I’d say the number of questions that truly were worth asking, meaning I really needed the info, or, really benefited from reading the answers people gave, is easily under 10.

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I can’t wait until johnpowell publishes the graph.

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I don’t care enough to look, let alone share.

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Joined: August 15th, 2007

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Ok, I found it, thanks for telling me how.
25 questions, and 3,859 responses.
If someone is so inclined they can work out the math.

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18 questions to 1839 answers (and I’m shocked I asked eighteen questions, because I don’t remember asking that many.) I have been on Fluther for 739 days.

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By the way, when I go to “edit” my profile, I can see the number for my responses. When I click on the number it says that I don’t have permission to see that information. Humm… I don’t see any way to change this, and yes, I am logged in.

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When you go to your Privacy Settings, what do you see for “Show your answers to…”?
No one, or something else?

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Math made easy;

Answer/questions shows you how to do it.

Bring up a calculator online. Type in your answer figure; divide that by your questions figure

5000 answers/ 250 questions. 5000/500 = 30 times more Q than A.

750 days. 5000/ 750 = 6.666 questions per day.

750 days. 750/250 = 3 answers per day.

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Ah, @Brian1946 there they are. Yes I had the “No one” checked for who to show your answers to.

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@PhiNotPi If you sit on your thumbs for the next 29 days you will have your magic number of answers per day.

My answer to question ratio is 85 to 1. I must think I’m pretty smart. Just ask me, I’ll tell you.

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Without looking it up, I’d say 90 answers to 1 question. But who’s counting? I think of questions, but forget what I thought of when I get to the computer.

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6603:52, a ratio of about 127 to one.

On Fluther for 992 days.

6.66 answers per day (oh boy, I talk like the devil don’t I?)

1 question every 19 days on average.

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Over 1363 days, I’ve asked 76 questions and given 2516 responses. I hate math too much to make the calculations, but do with that information what you will.

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I’m enjoying noticing the few of us that weasled out of doing the math. haha
Clearly we have an abundance of math heads here. lol

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Questions; 190
Answers; 12,609
Joined; December 11th, 1309
Cows Tipped Over; 2
Houses boarded up; Forty twelve.
Satanic rituals performed; the number of the Beast.
Pillows Huggled; Ten thousand million.
Martial Arts mastered; Two; Lickboxing and Elbow Fu.
Zombies destroyed; Tons and tons of battalions.
Arrows caught with hands; I can’t remember.
Number of times I ate things that weren’t food; 22.
Times when I wasn’t cool; 0

Which gives me a ration of Nintendo Awesome.

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I’m with you on that. I’d much rather be hot tubbing (if I only had one :)

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1,233 days
549 questions
7,980 Answers
a/q = 14.53
Average Answers per day: approximately 6.5

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Joined August 3, 2009

Questions 57
Responses 1, 242

21.78947368421053 responses for every question asked

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502 days
1 question
350 responses (including this one)

I believe my response to question ratio is easy enough for everyone to figure out.

I have .697 responses per day.
I have .002 questions per day (rounded up).

Professional lurker numbers.

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12 questions and 6658 answers in 889 days.

A/Q ratio = 554.83
7.49 answers per day
0.135 questions per day

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