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What conspiracies are popular among Apple haters in lieu of its recent victory vs Samsung?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 28th, 2012

Here is a quick link to bring one who doesn’t know up to speed.

Having been an ex-Windows user, I find it amusing that there are so many Apple haters. First off I should mention my line of work is that of MultiMedia, so I’m aware of a ton of audio, photography, video, layout design and other similar softwares required in the industry. So I’m not an ignorant pro-Apple user, just don’t mind spending extra money for gear that actually works (ahem, pirates!)

So go on, what is your theory on why Apple won the lawsuit vs Samsung?

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Colonial Jury -> Severe Nationalist bias towards Apple and against the foreign Samsung.

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@ragingloli The truth is even scarier than that: the lawyers pick the juries to be as ignorant and manipulable as possible.
“Colonial” implies that our government is elsewhere, instead of in Washington (where it is).

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it implies that they are still a british colony in a constant state of rebellion

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@ragingloli The problem there is that Great Britain recognizes the United States as a sovereign entity, not as a colony. I’m afraid that you aren’t being obnoxious, just weird.

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@ragingloli – in case you haven’t noticed there are a few apple haters even in the colonies which as @nullo pointed out to you, isn’t really the case anyhow!

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I don’t care much about the patent war going on at the moment, but here is something to keep in mind about apple…

They have always been about taking control away from users. This was obvious in the early days with them not allowing upgrades and things, and it is even more obvious now days with all their “package” and “cloud” ideas.

If people keep buying in to apple (or google), we will end up having the internet as we know it taken away from us. It is not a conspiracy, just a simple fact.

If you want to end up paying $39.99 a month for “standard internet package”, that comes with youtube facebook and twitter included, but other sites cost more, and you connect to it all via your no privacy, hard-drive-less, little cloud gadget, then keep buying in to apple.

I would recommend everyone start shifting over to linux, specially that microsoft have now decided to make windows 8 a piece of crap and start going down the same line as apple.

‘They’ have done it to us with radio and tv, now they want to do it with the internet and computing.

Stop buying in to apple and microsoft, stop buying in to consoles and mobiles, and bring it back to good solid computers that have privacy and control.

They will make it sound better and better at each stage, but they will fuck you a little bit each time along the way, until you are left with nothing. They will start to bring out 1 gig a second connections, and people will love them, but they will sneak in a few more cloud things along the way, and after a few steps there will be nothing of any value left.

As for why apply won the law suit, they more than likely won fare and square, they probably have loads of other patents on loads of things, and after a boring debate they won. They are still only interested in fucking us though.

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@_Whitetigress: Forget this question. I want more information about the so-called green flower whose photo you just sent us. Do not abandon that question.

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I don’t hate apple, I’m just confused why they want to sue someone for doing something everyone does. Why doesn’t every company sue every other company since all of their phones have something similar about them all.

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Not to be terribly nitpicky, but “in lieu” means “in place of.” I think you want “regarding.”

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@Blackberry : Samsung is the #1 maker of Android phones, and their Galaxy lines are on par if not sometimes better than iPhones so they are now a definite threat to Apple. Instead of trying to beat them in the free market, they’re trying to make Samsung products not exist.

There’s also additional motives: Because Samsung is such a Megacorp, if it can beat Sammy into submission on US soil, then it will frighten the other android device makers like HTC into paying them protection money in the guise of licensing fees. Apple wanted $30 PER PHONE from Samsung, which would cripple the profitability of their devices. They failed to win that with the Galaxy Tabs, and Microsoft is immune cause they already paid Apple.

This is also the continuing legacy of Steve Job’s thermonuclear war against Google. Hitting Samsung is a suckerpunch to the Android platform because it’s the dominant presence.

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What a dirty, dirty game. This is like gang members fighting over turf to sell their drugs to addicts lol.

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