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Mystery Flower: Can you name this flower in the photograph?

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I have no idea, but my gut reaction was that it is some kind of anemone. Similar to this
That page says that those specific anemone are usually white, but maybe it is the right track. I can’t find any images that look quite like that, so I may be way off base.

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Black anemone flashed through my brain as I opened the picture. I’m not sure there is such a thing though.
Edit: I lloked it up, it exists but this doesn’t look like one.

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Where is it found? Can you give some additional information about where it grows?

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It would also be helpful to get approximate size, type of foliage, and location (zone, light, soil, time of year for bloom).

Here’s a site to help you with the ID, but you need information about the leaves, stalk, height, type, season etc.

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@gailcalled, that site is amazing.

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If you didn’t take this picture, I would assume it was photoshopped. If you notice, it almost looks like the leaves in the background are greyish. If you took that picture, you should breed it because it could be a rare mutation.

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For some reason, I have a feeling it is more of a shrub. Don’t ask me why.

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Without more information, including the size of the flower, this is impossible. But I tend to agree that it is not a color found in nature. I bet that the petal colors are either whitish or pale, pale yellow.

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Here is a greenish hellebore but the configuration and shape of the petals does not match.

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Sorry gang, I was merely amused by the photograph myself. I didn’t take this shot. Just thought it looked amazing. Hmm..

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I was thinking along the lines of an aster…?!

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^ ^ Doesn’t resemble any aster I’ve ever seen and I don’t believe it is passionflower either, but open to being proven wrong of course : ^)

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There are a lot of plants with greenish grey leaves and petals but I couldn’t find your mystery flower! I took a stab at identifying it various ways. I need to learn more flower terminology though. One thing it made me realize is how many thousands of different flowers there are in the world! If you like green flowers check this out! There are so many beautiful photos!!
I also found a very informative guide to flower terminolgy

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