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Recycling laptop batteries?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28646points) August 29th, 2012

I had to replace the battery in my laptop because it wouldn’t hold a charge. I know I shouldn’t toss the old one in the trash.

Office Max handles recycling printer cartridges but apparently not laptop batteries.

Is there some place/agency/group that collects these for recycling?

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In Western NY, GoodWill accepts all forms of e-waste. including: computer batteries, monitors, computers, laptops, cell phones, etc . And there is no charge for this service.

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I recycle all my batteries at Bateries Plus, most similar battery stores will recycle. Radio Shack no longer recycles they just “chuck them”.

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Thanks – there is a Batteries Plus not far from me – I’ll drop the old one off this weekend.

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