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Is it okay to call after sending in an application?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) August 29th, 2012

I sent out several applications in the past two weeks for jobs I seem to qualify for but I have not received any response for an interview. It’s pretty frustrating. There are two jobs that I’m very interested in that I applied for about a week ago. The job posting was new so it’s not likely the position has been filled. I haven’t got any response!

Some people say I should call them to ask about the status of my application. But some people say it’s very annoying and that if they want me they’d call me. I’m not sure what to do here.

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Always call, unless the employer instructs you not to. When you call, also inquire about whether or not you need to stay in touch, or can expect to hear back.

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There are too many factors involved to give a simple answer. It really comes down to how the application and interview process is handled, as well as the preference of the person in charge of the hiring process. Unfortunately, candidates don’t have the answers to these questions.

Have you received any type of acknowledgement that the application has been received? If not, then it might be worthy of a follow-up call. The same is applicable if there is no information given about the approximate time frame involved in hearing back.

If you decide to conduct any type of application follow-up, my recommendation is to give it at least five business days, depending up on the job. Keep track of when you applied, what information was provided on the front end, and note any follow-up conducted.

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First, just chill. It takes employers a long time to actually process all of the applications and decide who to interview. Also, the job posting may still be open and they are waiting until it closes to do interviews.

It does not hurt to call. Just stay professional and ask if you are still under consideration for the position, because you are still interested.

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Yes, I have received an “auto reply” saying that my application has been received. I think I’ll wait a little longer.

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YYYEAH… good luck with that.

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I am the person who gets the calls of people checking on their applications. Sometimes annoying, but mostly not. The most annoying are the former employees who have been told they are not eligible for rehire, but they still apply every few months; or the person who does not meet the most basic requirement (like high school diploma or GED), has been told that is required, and they still call every two weeks.

The good thing about checking on your application is it might help you be considered for a new opening as well as the one you originally applied for.

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Thanks everyone. I don’t think it’d hurt to call just to say “Hi, blah blah did you have a chance to look over my interview?”

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So, I called just now for the HR position. They said no one had the chance to review it yet and that it takes a few weeks. I think I’ll call again in a couple of weeks lol.

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Along with the call in to check, I find it is always nice to drop in to say hello and check briefly in person to give them a chance to put a face and personality to the application. it has always been a winner for me and it expediates the process dramatically! best wishes and enjoy your new job!

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Hi @chelle2689, Did they ask you to call in a couple of weeks? If they didn’t, don’t. It’s good to show you’re interested but if you keep calling you will be seen as a pest. Not a good thing. They may have had hundreds of responses. They may need to organise people to sit on a panel of interviewers (I have no idea what sort of job you are going for). They may just be very busy. You have expressed your interest – let them do their job and decide who they want to interview.

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It’s just hard for me to find any jobs as an HR assistant in Ohio. It’s not very often that comes up. It sucks, I keep applying for jobs I seem to qualify for BUT I haven’t been receiving any response for an interview and it’s been two weeks since I applied for the jobs. I had my resume checked to see if anything was wrong but my older sisters say it looks fine to me. I asked them because they have more experience with jobs, applying, resumes, and are a lot better with grammar than me.

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@chelle21689 You are competing in a specific area and a job category where there are potentially many others that are looking for jobs as well. It is quite possible that there are more well qualified candidates filling these positions. It could also be that the companies are taking their time with the selection process in order to find the right candidate.

Have you considered lowering the restrictions to your application process? What about looking outside of Ohio? I moved for my first four jobs. And what about not restricting it to the field of HR? There was a woman in our company who went from an administrative assistant to the VP of HR. It took awhile, but finding the right company that supported her in several ways, she rose to that position solely based upon her skills and determination.

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I don’t want to move outside of Ohio or my city. I applied for other HR assistant positions I saw today.

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It’s good to call, just be sure you don’t do it too much (often) and don’t sound too anxious or pushy. Once or twice at the most in my opinion unless they actually tell you to call again.

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These days? Email makes a better impression:

Thank the interviewer for their time.

Remind them that you are looking forward to give what you have to the company.

Remind them that they can call or email with any more questions.

End the email with your contact information under your signature.

Do this the day after the interview.

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