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What are some unique and fun websites?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 3rd, 2008

I love websites like this,,,, etc. What are some of your favorite websites and why?

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if you like looking at art, my aunt is an artist… she has a website called you should look at some of her work… I am really proud of her!

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but other than that I did respond to one like this a couple days ago… is pretty fun when your bored :*)

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Here are a few sites
And here are some more

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Those are all iPhone-formatted websites. I visit all those websites everyday. Also, is a good website to create a forum.

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I can usually kill a few hours on those three sites. Actually, at the sites they link too. They provide a pretty fresh look at what is new and interesting on the Internet.

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Save The Bunny
Don’t Click It
Clock (not really a website, just a cool clock)
Pipe Cleaner (this’ll provide about 1 minute of entertainment)

* edit * can’t forget Cracked,
and this particular page on it.

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@ yannic, great links. i surf cracked every now and then but hadn’t seen that page so thanks! ps – your first link is broken.

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Bugger, dunno what happened there. Here we go. link

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@ yannic and PnL , I definitely agree. Those are great and extremely entertaining websites :)

@ Eambos , thank you! I’ll check out those threads!

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i loved the savethebunny site, i only wish they would change the procedure daily :(

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@PnL – Thanks, I thought so too. And yeah, the bunny one is only cool once, but it’s pretty funny!

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these two link out alot and should provide plenty of food for thought.

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