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Is accelarated depopulation a reality?

Asked by Berserker (33404points) August 29th, 2012

Something as mentioned here. My roommate has been telling me about this stuff lately, she’s been watching all this stuff on YouTube about how about some orders would plan to become one, and eliminate a hell of a lot of people into a manageable number. (apparently, some of these plans date from quite a while back and have been in action for a number of years)

While it sounds all crazy to me, and I usually laugh at conspiracies, I most certainly don’t doubt the heinous intent that people would carry out if they could. (and that has been shown in man’s history more than enough) I’ve been reading stuff about Zionism, The Codex Alimentarius, which the latter is some kind of documents that decide what goes in our food, what medical stuff we’re allowed to have and all. Zionism, I really don’t get at all what it is. Apparently, the big plan is to slowly decimate the world’s population through malnutrition, starvation, disease and man made natural disasters, and then control the rest somehow.

This sounds kind of silly, but it’s also freaky. Now please cut me a bit of slack for posting something so weird, but in all that I’m reading and what my roommate told me and the few videos I saw, I have a hard time understanding everything. But I do get the big picture it seems to center itself around.
Then again, if this is real, why would it be so open everywhere? Wouldn’t the guys making speeches and all get shot or jailed? How do they know all this? Is this just some crazy conspiracy, or is there some truth to it? Thoughts? Please enlighten me. Is something like this possible? Or is it as crazy as things like the 2012 predictions? The way that societies, governments and politics work, is this feasible, or not at all?
Personally, it all sounds like some crazy sifi movie to me, but I can’t help but to find kind of alarming.

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Never heard of it before. Sounds very unlikely. As you know, conspiracy theories are difficulty to turn into realities. Usually weird patterns in life are natural.

In any case, if anyone could reduce population, you can be sure a lot of people would think that is a good thing. However, what will reduce population in the long run is empowering women, so they can control their own fertility. That is the single biggest thing that will accomplish this goal. So if the conspiracy includes this tactic, then it’s hard to see who could be against it, except misogynists like Mitt Romney.

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@wundayatta As far as I know it doesn’t include that. The closest I saw was sterilization, like in places like China. (which I think already takes place? Hopefully I’m wrong)

I’m kind of thinking it’s people going overboard with, as you say, weird patterns. Because again, if it’s all open and easily accessible on YouTube and shit, it must be nonsense…unless they, whoever they, are, expect just that from general reaction. XD

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Sounds like this is kinda in line with the New World Order…with the combining of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico as one…and the adaptation of the Amero. If this were to happen, lots of shit would be different. wonder if shurikens would be legal in Canada then?

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@Only138 They’d better, so I can hunt my food if I have to run off to some big forest somewhere and live in it.

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Keep in mind that different groups can have the same ideas. IIRC one of Obama’s “czars” was an advocate of mass sterilization, but not so big a fan of population decimation.

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Not much of anything at all at is even vaguely related to reality.

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Not familiar with the site, what I posted was an article that seemed to quickly mention the all encompassing. Although looking at the link you provided, I’m half expecting to see something about Godzilla in there.

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Any article that starts off with a quote from Prince Phillip [sic], who has a reputation for saying more outlandishly offensive statements than just about anyone else in the world, deserves little attention.

The whole article reeks of sensationalism and not one ounce of rational thought.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Looking at it at like that, all the article does is say what will happen, but doesn’t really explain anything. :/

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Check out the Georgia Guidestones and also the Bliderberg group.

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@Symbeline I’d follow you anywhere if you told me that a zombie outbreak about to occur. Author Steve Jones? No way. From the information in that article, he is not worthy of attention. I wonder how many of his cited sources even know if they are listed. Just read the first paragraph of the disclaimer link posted at the end of the article.

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Meh, that’s what mosquitoes do.

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Anything in this world ought to be taken with a grain of salt, and if it is something I’ve said it ought to be taken with two.

That said, I think buying into something like what you’ve described based on one or two articles or films is a poor choice. Cross reference cross reference cross reference! Get out there, get your proverbial hands dirty and go through the source material.

There is nothing to fear when you are seeking truth. Keep an open mind, and the worst that can happen is that you will be proven wrong and find what is correct. But do keep that in mind that there is nothing out there to fear; nothing that can not be overcome.

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@ninja_man If I were running a nefarious scheme, I’d have a policy concerning snoopers. The worst thing that can happen could well be worse than a body can endure.

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@Nullo To quote Mel Gibson in Braveheart, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!”

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No your roommates are just pulling your leg.

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It’s just conspiracy theory nonsense. Be careful that you don’t get sucked in. Something that I always keep in mind is that even if such theories were true, what the hell could I do about it? Nothin’, that’s what. So why worry? :p

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One could argue (I thought it took two people to start a quarrel) that China sort of does this already with their “Keep your legs shut women” campaign.
As for the New World Order brigade, I love it when they refer to themselves as the “elite”, they’re no more than disenchanted cretins lingering on the margins of society, you know…..carnies!!

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@ucme I love the thought of Prince Philip as a carnie. The whole batch of royals, I suppose.

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@CWOTUS No that lot a far, far worse.

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@augustlan I figured this, if it’s real, what the hell can I do about it, anyways?

What doesn’t seem right to me about a lot of this is that it’s just open and accessible to the public…I keep wondering, if it is real, then how come these people don’t get shut up? It’s hard to know what to believe sometimes.

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Don’t dis 2012 until you’ve been there. The rest is nonsense. Except, of course, for the NWO.

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