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Do you think that Al Sharpton does not look healthy?

Asked by jca (36054points) August 30th, 2012

Al Sharpton has been overweight as long as I have seen him in the public eye. Granted, being overweight is not healthy for anybody. However, now he appears to be too thin and gaunt. His clothes seem to hang on his frame. Do you think he does not look healthy? Or might it be because I’m just too used to seeing him heavy?

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Think you find the answer HERE. Good for him!

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@Tropical_Willie I hope that’s all it is. I have to agree with the OP… last time I saw him on tv I was like oh wow, did Al Sharpton go through kemo or something????

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It’s unfortunate that so often when someone loses a large amount of weight they actually look like shit afterwards. Specifically they look like they’ve aged 20 years because they no longer have that round smooth face..they often look like shriveled up prunes. I had a girlfriend whose mother lost a ton of weight and had this happen.

Obviously it’s so much more important to lose the weight if you’re morbidly obese, it’s just unfortunate that you often look like you’ve been through hell on top of it (which actually, you have).

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Al Roker looked the same way when he lost a lot of weight. But after a few months your skin kinda moves into your new shape, and you look so much better.

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Al Roker has a second home here and he looks ok…not emaciated at all. He is, surprisingly, very short, FWIW.

I have an acquaintance who lost 180 lobs and then had surgery to excise the yards of excess skin in his abdominal area. He looks wonderful

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It looks like he pissed off an old gypsy woman, who cursed him to become thinner

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I think he looks like a social x-ray and does not look healthy. I tend to think the same thing about Al Roker, it is good to hear that in real life he doesn’t look so emaciated. My sister lost a lot of weight and kind of has the same look about her. I wonder if it is just because everyone is accustomed to seeing these folks with a bit more girth that they look so unhealthy being at a healthy weight. Maybe the older a person is when they lose the weight, the longer it takes their skin to “move to a new shape” like @zenvelo mentioned.

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Definitely, the person’s age and the amount of weight they lose determines how “saggy” they look. I lost over 100 lbs within about 6 months or so, and IMHO, because I’m not that old, I don’t look that saggy.

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Look healthy?

Have you heard the things he says?

Besides, he had gastric bypass surgery, as human souls are extremely fattening.

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