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Is the recalled $5 bills worth $30 when you turn it in at a bank?

Asked by doug52psk (6points) June 3rd, 2008
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You’re kidding, right? What recall?

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yeah i havent heard of this, but im posting so i can follow this thread

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The new $5 bills have 2006 on them but were printed in 2007

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They might be worth $30 to a collector but certainly not a bank.

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oh, but i still cant see why there would be a recall, they cant be legal tender for that?

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I’m with Spargett. Sell it to a collector and you will make much more. Remeber the quarters with the extra leaf on the corn husk?

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This isn’t an error and there is no recall.

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you got snoped. LOL

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But welcome to Fluther, Doug. :)

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Thanks, everybody…I just wanted to be sure!!

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May i direct your attention over this way.

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