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How do I block someone from knowing if I'm online in Gmail?

Asked by janbb (57030points) August 30th, 2012

I do want other people to know I’m available to chat but not this former colleague. How and where can I block them?

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In the chat window, hover over that colleague. When the window pops up, click the down arrow in the lower right corner and select “block”.

NOTE: If the person is not in the 5 or 6 people shown in your chat window, simply start typing his/her email address in the “search people” box. Once this person appears, hover over it and you should have a “block” option.

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Ah – that’s terrific! Thanks!

I bumped into this person and she said, “I saw you were doing Gmail this morning.” Creeped me out.

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If you ever want to be invisible to everyone, click next to your own name and choose “invisible” for your status.

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@augustlan Yes, I know that one. But I want to be visible to most people this time, just not her.

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