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My Mac is making strange sounds?

Asked by Cierafire (4points) August 30th, 2012

My iMac computer is making a very strange noise. It sounds like a very loud static noise. When I attempt to turn it on it always makes this noise and the screen wont turn on. It’s done this once before and a computer tech looked at it but we couldn’t find what do. We threw it out and bought this new one. Is there anyway to fix it? Or even just save the information on the harddrive?

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Since it gets power but won’t boot, I’m guessing it’s a drive issue (fans can make loud static-y noises but don’t typically keep your machine from starting up; processors can whine too but that probably wouldn’t be called static). Assuming that… If there’s a clicking sound mixed in with the static you’re probably screwed (this would probably be a click of death, which is usually a head issue and, while professionally recoverable, very expensive). However if you don’t hear a click in there it might just (read: still screwed but the fix might not cost more than a new system) be a bad bearing which means you might still be able to get your data back with a service; cost in either situation will in large part depend on how much data you get back. Regardless it’s probably worth having someone take a listen and make a “in person” diagnosis just in case it’s not a drive. In the end if you wind up getting a new mac (or a new drive for your old one) get a back up drive for it, for a little extra cash up front and a few minutes of background processing a day you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

Oh, if your drive isn’t dead, you can try getting to it with target disk mode if you’ve got another machine handy.

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How old is the computer?? did you get the extended waranty where it protects you longer with apple. If so bring it into the store and have one of them look at it, they can usually diagnose something pretty quickly and if its under waranty they will fix it for nothing.

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whether you have warrenty or not, take it to an Apple Store and have a Genius diagnose it. Take an external HD with you in case they can help you recover data onto it.

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