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Do intelligent people enjoy American football?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36380points) August 30th, 2012


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Some do, some don’t.

Are people who enjoy American football intelligent?

Some are, some aren’t.

I can’t think of a single generalization that’s going to be true across the board about intelligent people (or much of any other group).

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I enjoy it. I do not claim to be intelligent, but a lot of people have told me they think I am intelligent.

It’s my favorite sport. I love the combination of ballet, strategy, tactics, psychology and talent I see in the games. The drama is also pretty cool. It’s amazing how the end of a game can make people do things they couldn’t do during the rest of the game.

It is the kind of thing that is not to everyone’s taste, but I think there are a number of intelligent people who play the game and coach the game. There are probably intelligent people who watch the game, as well. I know a number of really smart people who enjoy watching football.

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As a neckbeard on reddit highly intelligent person (way too intelligent to go to college), I don’t enjoy American handegg. I also don’t enjoy today’s pop music and reality television because I am clearly the modern √úbermensch.

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Fuck’n A, buddy.

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Is there any reason to call other sports somehow more intelligent than American football?

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I consider myself intelligent, and I like football very much.

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I know sometimes it seems like sports fans are a bit foolish, but we shouldn’t generalize them.

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I am smart enough at my age to watch it instead of play it.

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I consider @marinelife intelligent, and I like football very much.

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I guess it depends on what you consider to be intelligent. I enjoy watching it and use to enjoy playing it when I was younger.

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To answer your question, yes; except for the people who root for Dallas. ~

Gooo Big Blue!!!

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I like football. I’m no dummy. LOL

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American football contains the worst of America:

Extreme violence punctuated by committee meetings and followed by endless litigation, random judgment and appeals, narrated by the inane and brainless. There seem to be as many lawyers and judges on the field as there are players.

Even so, I like it for a lot of the other reasons that have been mentioned.

But National League Baseball is really a game for intelligence. The Designated Hitter has ruined the American League and any semblance of strategy and planning that it once had.

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I never watch it and considered the few games I attended over the course of my life (mostly high school and college games) to have been excruciating.

Does that make me smarter than the average viewer?

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@CWOTUS how is what you described any different than our current administration? At least football offers cheerleaders and a choice in how you spend your entertainment dollar.

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What does intelligence have to do with it? It’s a freaking game, people.

This question is tantamount to asking: Do stupid people enjoy chess?

Frankly, there is no one answer. Some folks do, some don’t. I doubt there is any statistical work on the IQ level of football watchers versus hockey watchers.

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Football also offers a chance to walk away and not participate, @Cruiser. It gives you a choice in whether or not to spend that entertainment dollar, too. You know that. No one forces you to watch or to play.

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It’s a good game, but I can do without all the brou ha ha. Take that however you will.

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American football is not just a bunch of neanderthals trying to beat the ever lovin’ shit out of each other for a piece of dead swine. Shit tons of training, studying and strategizing goes into it and has for many years now.

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Maybe not many, but probably more than play football in college or the NFL

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Watch a game of Rugby League, and you’ll think that the American Football players are a pack of pansies. Lots of intelligent people like Rugby League! Have a look at

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Not as much as they like baseball.

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At Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Princeton and other prestigious schools’ football games. you will probably find an extremely intelligent crowd. Professional games are likely to have a somewhat lower average IQ. The more you learn about the game, the more you understand the detailed planning that goes into to it and the skill it takes to execute those plans.

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Of course they do! Silly question

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Do patronising dullards populate these pages? I believe the answer is in the affirmative.
As for the players, hmmm…....

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Yes. My partner, who is significantly more intelligent than I am, loves American football (and actually played it to a semi-pro level in Canada in the mid 1980s). It is a very tactical and complex game.

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I’m an analytical chemist with an IQ over 150… and I love football (I don’t call it American football, what you call football is called soccer, get over it).

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I want to become an analytical chemist, just so I can tell people: “Oh, I’m an analytical chemist.”

Sounds awesome.

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My husband is extremely intelligent and he loves American football among other sports.

I have to say that I don’t understand where this question comes from…

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@tedibear – it comes from pseudo-intellectuals who feel that they are superior to mere mortals. I had an uncle – highly educated, well read, degrees out the kazoo, who had huge disdain for thinks like sports or even games like scrabble or checkers.

His feeling was that the mind was so valuable that anything that took away from learning was a bad thing. The problem was that he raised his kids that way – each of them turned out to be, in his own way, dysfunctional.

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@Blackberry It’s fun to say, but the work itself is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

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Yes, people who like things you don’t like can be intelligent…
I personally don’t care for it at all, never have. I disdained the football culture in my high school and selected my college in part because they had no football team…
One of the most thoughtful and cultured people I know loves all sports, including football. He also is a big fan of literature, history, politics, classical music, and opera. This was eye opening for me when I was younger.

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I am simply AMAZED at the response to this question! 36 answers!!

It started, actually, because I was in a snit about my husband. He’s a KC Chiefs fan BIG time (once, after a Super Bowl, a liquor store gave him a rug with the KC logo on it. It looked like a football field. When we got married he told me I should walk down that rug and yell “TOUCH DOWN” at the end. I hit him!!) and he has always watched Sunday football, and that was cool. One day a week. I used to watch with him. But THIS year, for what ever reason, he’s all over the pre-season games which means he either pre-empts the main TV, or he goes into the bedroom to watch in there and it seems like it’s every night. I got upset, and got sarcastic with him. You’ll never, in a million years, guess what I popped him with! Well, then he challenged me to ask you guys. So I did. A bit ago I asked him if he wanted to see the results. He said “No.”
I said, “I got whupped.”
THEN he wanted to see the results, LOL!!
So. There it is.

Go Dallas.

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@Dutchess_III , good story. And at least you are a good loser ;)

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@Dutchess_III – I applaud you for the guts of telling your husband you got whupped.

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Well….I’m so rarely WRONG that I don’t have a problem admitting when I am! ;) (Last time was in, I think, ‘97. Before I ever even met Rick. ;) And especially when I pop off with something I know isn’t true I don’t have a problem owning up to it. (I set myself up to lose @bookish1! I was just mad.) The only thing is, if you really break it down…how awful is a game that leaves people permanently injured and sometimes brain damaged. Same thing with boxing. But…they know the stakes. Rick used to play in High School, so I appreciate his appreciation of the game. I was an athlete too, so I can appreciate the moves and the feats and what it takes for them to happen..

Viva La futbol!!

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Kansas City Chiefs’ fan? He must be a true fan to admit that out loud. ~

I read your story to my husband, who couldn’t care any less about Fluther or my million stories from here I bore him with. He loved it, @Dutchess_III! He laughed long and hard about the rug and “Touchdown” story. Very funny.

Gooooo Giants. Hey, show Rick my avatar and tell him to eat his heart out.

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Go Browns!

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O he LAUGHED did he? Hit ‘im!!
What is that ring @bkcunningham?

Go Seahawks!

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It is the New York Giant’s Superbowl Championship Ring, @Dutchess_III.

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Well, how did you get it?

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What do you mean, how did I get it? It is a photograph of the ring, silly girl.

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@tedibear – which Browns? The Baltimore Browns (that Modell moved), or the new-synthetic-fake Browns?

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@bkcunningham I can’t repeat what Rick said!!! LOLL!!

Go Steelers! (Hey…I was there, in the 70’s, when they were “The Machine!” How can you not GO for them to this day?!)

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Go Giants!

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this is war @zensky! .... I don’t know why…...but it is!!!!!

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Phasers on stun.

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The Eagles better win or their coach is gone.

I’m betting on us having a new coach next season.

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Phaser hell. I got me a .45 and 10 convicted felons backing me up! (I told them that if they had my back in this war I’d give them 100% on their next “Things I Wisht I’d Don Differently” essay, no matter how awful it was.)

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Last night at a bar, I astonished a whole group of people by telling them I don’t follow football at all.
In France, I astonished people by telling them I didn’t follow soccer at all… and they excused me when they found out I was American :-p

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