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Is there something I can take for nausea after a long distance run ?

Asked by Sarah90 (373points) August 31st, 2012

I run three times per week,if the run is under 1¼ hours long,I’m OK but any run longer than that makes me severely nauseous for up to 2 hours after I stop running,is there something I can do or take to prevent it?

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Take an aspirin. You are putting a strain on your heart, I know every time I try to push myself to run longer than before I will at the very least feel like throwing up as soon as I stop running, sometimes get some slight chest pain too. Actually some of the symptoms of a heart attack match what I feel like after a run.

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Try some mint tea and see if that helps!

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One important step is to not eat anything for at least 4 hours before your run. Running pulls blood needed for digestion away from the stomach and can result in your having to void its contents. Wait till you cool down, then eat.

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My first thoughts were just getting more carbohydrates and iron, but maybe the people above me know more about what’s going on.

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You didn’t mention your running pace. If your running pace for a 1¼ hour run is about the same pace as your 2 hour run then you may be pushing yourself too hard for your current fitness level.

Try backing off the pace on your next 2 hour run. And don’t forget to drink water/electrolyte.

I’ve experience several hours of nausea and dry-heaving after full marathons when I pushed the pace too hard. I wear a heart-rate monitor now that keeps me out of the red-zone. I don’t run as fast but I enjoy it much more.

Good running to you!

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Drink Soda – coca cola. Thats what I drink when I feel like that.

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Water and sugars and maybe caffeine, then? One of those energy drinks might be better still.

Okay, I’m just posting this because you named a brand name.

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@Fyrius, is that not allowed ;)

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Sure it is. It just makes you sound like a TV commercial. :P

(And it’s that commercials always insist their products are uniquely and irreplaceably useful and awesome, while it’s often easy enough to get the same amazingly cool benefits from different things that have the same active ingredients.)

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Ah true true I get it, actually didn’t notice it sounded like tv commercial :) your right.

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If a run of that length is causing nausea you need to back off a bit. You could be dehydrated but I certainly wouldn’t toss an aspirin in just in case it’s a heart issue. I am an RN and that is not sound advice. Check in with your doctor if you think you have a heart issue.

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