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Are there any services which help you pay for certifications?

Asked by mrlaconic (3980points) August 31st, 2012

I am interested in getting some new certifications in my field (IT) but I need financial help doing it. FAFSA doesn’t cover them even though they cost almost as much as a quarter in school (including training and testing). Do you know any services which help cover the cost of certifications?

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If you are a veteran, contact the local VA.

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Are you currently employed in IT? You may want to consider asking your boss if they’d be willing to pay for all/some of your training and certs—it’d be a worthwhile investment if you’re staying around for a while.

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@sinscriven I do currently work in IT but my employer won’t pay for it. I work for a start-up right now and they don’t have any kind of education assistance.

As I said the FASFA doesn’t cover these either even though a lot of employers in IT want them (more than Degrees in my experience).

So how can I get help covering the cost?

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