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Who said it?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) August 31st, 2012

At the 2012 RNC, Mitt Romney was walking up to the stage shaking hands as he went. Just before he reached the platform, someone can be heard saying, ‘Don’t touch me!’. Do you have any idea who it was?

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Here is the link.

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Think from the earpiece and position on aisle – - > It was secret service.

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There are a lot more video’s of this from other angles and it most definitely is not the man he shakes hands with. AFAICT it sounds like the camera man is saying to someone in his way as he backs into position for the final pan shot to the stage.

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Like Cruiser, i think it is most likely the camera man from the first angle we see there, i also think it likely was said to the very last hand to shake Romney’s before he walks up the steps.

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