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Guess who just made 20K?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) August 31st, 2012

It’s jaytkay! Congratulations, dude!

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@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
everybody now
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
c’mon get down now
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
@jatkay @20k
gimme some horns

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Congrats, big time. Awesome job.

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Congratulations @jaytkay. Well done on reaching 20K. Great achievement.

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Congratulations, well done!

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Wow, congratulations!

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You’ve been scarce around these here parts for awhile it seems, well then, time to party it up a little!
Cheers and congrats on the 20k!

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Yay @jaytkay! You really are a great jelly and you need to come around much more. The party is in full swing and I’m glad you have been here for 20K.

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Oh, I will be moving in soon, so can you have my room ready? I’ll take the large empty room on the west wing that over looks the swans on the lake. Be sure that there are mints on the pillows and a cup of coffee waiting for me. (I like kirkland colombian) You may have only a few weeks so step it up.
Oh my! How rude of me. CONGRATULATIONS! Yeah! Now get to work! :)

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Congo rats and great googlie wooglie! What a fine achievement! You rock this site!

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Way to go dude, righteous.

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Outta sight, brah! Congratulations! Drinks on Augustlan!

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Holy moly that’s a lot of K!


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Congratulations. Be sure to enjoy all the extravagant benefits of the wondrous position this puts you in. There’s a list bulletin board on the kitchen wall next to the refrigerator.

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!!!! whoo hoo way ta go ja ta kay!!!

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@jaytkay One of my favorite Jellies. 20K is a well deserved recognition of your thoughtful, helpful answers on so many diverse topics. Salut, and onward to 30K.

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Well Done!!!!!!!!

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@AstroChuck Did you just offer me up for body shots? :p

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To the guy with the “truly offensive opinion”, Congrats on the 20k !
I didn’t find it offensive at all.

You can sign me up for a couple those shots.

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Way to go!

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Works for me, Auggie.

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Congratulations! You’re an awesome addition to the collective, keep on keepin’ on! :-)

It’s just not a party thread without someone mentioning doing inappropriate things with my mom… :P

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Good for you. Congratulations.

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Wow CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 20k!!!! … save me a bottle or two of champagne for when I finally make it to the mansion.

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Oops, looks like I forgot the “y”.

Y? Because you’re awesome, that’s why!

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Congratulations, I’m sure and positive that u earned every single lurve :D

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Very, very cool @jaytkay!

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I’m late, as usual. I was on vacay, @jaytkay! Happy for you, awesome achievement!

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Yeeeeeeee haaaaaa bravo and enjoy the view from the Mansion’s higher floors!

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Congratulations @jaytkay ! Well deserved :-)

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Hey thanks again everybody!! This is fun!!

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Congrats @jaytkay !!
Very well done indeed :D

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Congrats on the 20 grand! It’s about time! :)

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Late again…20K Congratulations @JK!

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I’m so, so late, once again. My apologies. I was still cleaning up the mess from Pied_Pfeffers party! Also I was out in the back 40 planting a Field of Mint for you to gaze upon from your window.

My truly offensive opinion is that your room was starting to feel dated and needed a good remodeling, but that seemed too simple of a solution. So we moved you out of the mansion and into your own Digs on the huge piece of property that we annexed last year. This place has the view of the mint field on one side and a lovely herb garden on the side of the house with cilantro, basil, rosemary and tomatoes and room for whatever else you’d like. Course the sheep live there too, but you’ll have a whole household full of servants and farmhands. @Coloma has graciously offered to come over and give you some farming tips.

Now slip your tootsies into a pair of fuzzy slippers, grab a mint julep and head on down to the party. We’ve invited a Special Guest for your entertainment pleasure, and @Augustlan promised she would wear This Outfit.

Congratulations on your 20K!

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ZOMG @Kardamom who gave you plans for my fantasy retirement?!

And now it’s not fantasy!!

Thank YOUI!!!

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Ha! Better late than never! I apologize, I was talking to an empty chair these past two days. I’m now out of brain! CONGRATS @jaytkay !!!!!!!

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Congrats on 20K!

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