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Asked by zensky (13357points) August 31st, 2012

It’s the end of the world. Only one sport will exist and everyone must choose but one team, regardless of the sport. That team must adapt to the new one game.

Which of the teams you support has the best chance to adapt and win? The new game is a ball game – but that’s all the info you have.


Go Giants!

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manny U!

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In this type of scenario, it’s Vanilla Ice, of course.

Go ninja go ninja go, go, go ninja go ninja GO!!

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Also, I don’t apologize for this.

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West, young man.

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Go…. just for fun!!! Just GO!!!

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DO I get to choose any team, or just teams I actually like? Because if I choose any team, then I probably choose the Patriots. But if I can only choose teams I like, I’ll take the Eagles. Or maybe I’ll choose a national team, like Brazil. Actually, I’ll see what national team or club team has won the most in the last twenty years, and choose them. Even if it is the Yankees.

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Green Bay. I choose Green Bay.
Pfft. Like I watch sports…

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I thought this would be a thread about different phrases telling people where to go… like:

… suck an egg!
... jump in the lake!
... to blazes!

All of which would have an undesired effect on your favourite teams, I suppose. Ah well.

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Team GB

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