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I am due to start at Salford university in September. Was just wondering what it is like to study there?

Asked by jnglejo (35points) June 3rd, 2008

I am a mature student (39) and am slightly worried that I might not fit in.

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you don’t need to fit in. if you are a discipline and good student, you will do well and the professors will like you. don’t let the younger students (or their remarks) get you down. Ultimately, the person who has the highest grade (thus setting the curve) commands the most respect. I have had mature students in my Biochemistry classes. One of them was REALLY good and was really popular with everyone, because they all wanted to learn from him!

PS – why would you ever want to fit in when you can stand out? :)

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I’m in school now, it’s not really weird when I am in a class with non traditional students. Though I must admit that one guy has a habit of going into far too much detail about his personal life and its kind of like talking to my dad. Not that cool man, not that cool.

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