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How come Fluther said I received a new message, but then when I clicked the link, there were no new messages?

Asked by tups (6722points) September 1st, 2012

I was exited about my new message, but then there was no new message and now I am a crying.
Maybe not crying, but it’s kinda weird.

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The message was sent by a new member of Fluther who has since been banned for sending such messages.

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Such messages?

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@tups the messages did not adhere to Fluther guidelines. Several jellies alerted the mod team to the nature of the messages, the user was banned, and the messages removed.

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@tups What @SuperMouse is talking about is something that was spam or sending you a dangerous link. The mods keep us safe!

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Ah, I see. Well then, no mystery. Peace.

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Same thing happened to me so now I know why.

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Wow. Mods are line condoms you forget you’re wearing.

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@filmfann hopefully it doesn’t make fluthering like showering with a raincoat on.

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Sometimes they let bad shit get through.

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@woodcutter Like what?

It’s not like they screen every post before it hits the site. The moderators are volunteers that don’t have a set schedule. That’s why we members are allowed the ability to flag a post for review. If we have an issue with something that isn’t removed, it’s just a matter of contacting the team. I have found that in doing so, someone comes back with a valid explanation.

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I was wondering the same thing… thanks for asking this @tups :)
And big up to the mods too <3

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