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HELP ASAP please! I found a baby mouse!

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) September 1st, 2012

I found a baby mouse outside after seeing my dog drop something on the ground. From the research I’ve done- It’s almost 2 weeks old. It’s eyes are closed but it has fur. My mom literally wants me to leave it to die but I’m a HUGE animal lover; I will NOT purposely let it die. I wasn’t sure what else to feed it other than “kitten formula” which I do not have access to. So i fed it some organic milk diluted with water. It drank what I gave it. Then I turned on my 14 watt lamp and heated up half the plastic container I put him in so it would stay warm. Is there ANYTHING else I can do? Or should I finally give in and leave him to die?

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Use the lamp to keep it warm. Put it in a shoe box and set the lamp over the center, so he can move to warmer or cooler areas. Don’t dilute the milk. Put some cloth in the box for it to lay on. (I’m helping save a mouse?)

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So are you looking to bring it up to full health and let it run in hopes it will multiply? Or do you want to keep it as a pet? Feed it if it’s going to be a pet, let it outside if you don’t want to care for it.

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Are you aware that baby mice emit ultrasonic cries that draw in adult females – any females. they do not need to be related.
Unless you plan on making the commitment and keeping it for a pet, it should go outside so another mouse can care for it.

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If you choose to raise him, make sure you enter him into a monastery now so that he will remain celibate.

The chances of him surviving are slim but you don’t want to leave him to die a slow death. @LuckyGuy will have some ideas…perhaps a teeny weeny guillotine.

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If you decide to give up on him, then at least have the decency to kill him fast. Do not leave him out to die of thirst or get crunched by a cat or something.

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Do you think a woman’s hand… oh, never mind.

Really, though – do a little research on what it is like to keep a mouse as a pet. If I were in your position, I would kill it or release it. Far from the house. The last thing you will want to do is teach the mouse that it’s better to live indoors – that won’t have a positive effect on his lifespan.

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While you have him under your control get him fixed. A Vasectomy would be nice. Ask the vet to circumcise him too.

By the way, I really do feel for you. The little guy is so cute—- now.

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Well its been 2 hours now, and he/she is still alive. And it also ahem pooped so thats a good sign I guess. For those saying I should just release it into the outdoors- It can barely move on it’s own and would just die if I did that. And @LuckyGuy, I was not aware of that at all. I wish I knew that but I was panicking so much. Oh well, now I know.

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@NostalgicChills He sounds a little roughed up. I would say try to take care of him for a bit before you think about letting him go. Just to give him a chance.

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Here is the paper that discusses the ultrasonic calls. (from National institutes of Health)

Genetic and developmental influences on infant mouse ultrasonic calling. II. Developmental patterns in the calls of mice 2–12 days of age.
Hahn ME, Karkowski L, Weinreb L, Henry A, Schanz N, Hahn EM.
Department of Biology, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey 07470–2103, USA.

“Infant house mice, Mus musculus, produce ultrasonic calls that reliably lead to retrieval by adult mice. While individual differences in calls have been demonstrated both among and within species, the influences of age and sex on call characteristics have not been systematically investigated in mice. This study examined the influences of age, sex, and genotype (inbred versus hybrid) on the rate, length, and frequency characteristics of the calls of 486 male and female mice from 2 to 12 days of age. ”

My point is just leave it outside . Some mouse will find it. The calls are above the hearing of cats and other predators. If you let the infant make noise in your room, you might end up with uninvited guests. Get it?

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I hand raised several baby deer mice and kept them as pets once upon a time.
Kitten formula would be best, cows milk is not so great, but you can try. You also need to stimulate the babies bottom with a warm q-tip to facilitate going. You can try soaking a bit of whole grain bread in the formula and see if it is able to suck on that. Ideally a small syringe is best for feeding. If it survives a few days you can try a bit of infant rice cereal in the formula.
A small dropper is best used and do not squirt it into the mouses mouth, let it lap a little drop at a time.
If you can pull him through for a week and his open you can then start weaning him to formula soaked bread, kibble and rice/oatmeal and start introducing bits of other foods like banana, apples and sunflower seeds, crushed dog kibble etc.

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He died…
I stayed up as late as I could to watch him as much as possible- but I only made it to 4 am. Thanks though, for those who helped.

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I’m sorry for your loss. You tried.

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@NostalgicChills You gave him a shot. He passed warm and fed. The dog most likely injured him, or he was just to young too live by himself. I’m sorry.

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Awww…well, you tried. Often small animals caught by cats and dogs are in shock and it doesn’t take much for them to die from the stress.

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No offense, but if its eyes aren’t open its going to die. Mice mothers have to lick mice genitals to makes sure the baby pees etc. Honestly there is nothing you can really do.

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They just aren’t ready to be weaned off from their mothers yet.

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So sorry :( That’s so sweet of you to try to care for him at all. Same thing happened to us once with 2 baby rabbits.

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If it makes you feel any better, you’re more than welcome to come to my place and catch all the mice you want. As a matter of fact I would love for anyone to come over and try and catch all the mice and take care for them. As long as they’re gone! :D

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I just saved one from being killed by frinds dad, he already had killed the mom the eyes aren’t ope completely but it drank milk and has stayed under for almost three hours before I got to it, it seems okay now I think he’s asleep (hopefullt) I hope he makes it as I’m already really attached to him

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He’s dead…I did everything right… I fed it and made it pee but I set him down in a box with fabric for five minutes then realized he had quit moving… I can’t stop crying

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