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Have you ever noticed that the haters can't seem to put together a coherent sentence?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44400points) September 1st, 2012

They use “your” for “you’re”, they say “could of,” “i seen,”....why is that?

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Do you meen people who make hats or people who hate on everything?

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Ooooooh, that makes me sooooo, I mean….generalizations like that….. what do….anyway, you know what I mean.

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Perhaps part of their view of life is tainted by their inability to communicate effectively.

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I play MMOs; I see ragers do that all the time. Usually ragers with bad enough game stats that it’s obvious that they don’t know how to play the game, but won’t accept responsibility for their ineptitude.

Outside of gaming is not much different; it’s usually done by people who don’t truly understand whatever it is that they’re mad about.

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To be fair, VERY frequently I mistype their/there/they’re your/you’re too/to its/it’s even when I am not hating or being otherwise energetic.

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Hating is a pretty uneducated thing to do. Perhaps they don’t know any better.

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The reason is the combination of the failure of our school system and the ready access to drugs.

and the careless nature they have of playing on my lawn

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PLenty of lovers are also sloppy writers.

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Hmmmm, a question about haters, but no lurve here at all….

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Interesting. I don’t equate misspelling a word with someone who is on a rage. Stating or posting an incoherent statement can be attributed to not being well versed in that language, a lack of education, and/or being used to texting, i.e., taking shortcuts. If written, it can also be attributed to not reviewing before posting.

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I’ve noticed this a lot especially in online news publication comment sections. Strange.

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I am always prim and proper when burying someone with my posts. Frankly I do not see the connection.

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To be fair, the more potent form of hate comes from the disarming tongues and pens of highly educated bigots. Poor grammar is not directly proportionate to hateful prejudices.

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I don’t really understand the usage of the word haters. People use it and it makes me think they just have no response to a comment or something that occurs/is said.

Attacking the way someone writes or spells seems to me to be as equally hollow of an argument.

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I see pots calling kettles black.

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They be drunk off that hater-ade

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I take grand offense to this. I, myself, am a hater. I’m prone to hating, and I’ll be honest, I often feel I have a good reason to hate. However, this does not, in any part, impact my eloquence. Perhaps that is why I’m a master hater; as once I hate on something or someone they often start to hate as well.

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“Hater’s gonna’ hate.”

Doesn’t mean they’ll do so intelligently.

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@wonderingwhy Lol, yeah, fish gotta swim, bird’s gotta fly….haters gotta hate.
(with or without good grammar)

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What a peculiar thing to say. But it makes me wonder, what is a hater? I hate fried squid and dirty toilets, does that make me a hater? Then there are many things I don’t like, does that make me a dontliker? And what is the correct spelling of dontliker, should the apostrophe be inserted?

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Well it’s usually why they never get published in books. To each their own, I wouldn’t worry about the haters. It’s not like the haters are worried about getting English, or Journalism degrees anyhow.

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Emotionally charged people tend to let their emotions take over, whether they’re lovers or haters. Don’t forget about the all caps and multiple exclamation points too. Ah, sodahead memories!

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