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What are the differences between instant coffee and regular coffee?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) September 1st, 2012

Is one more or less natural? Is there more or less caffeine? Does one contain more or less preservatives? Any known to cause health problems?

I’ve just always wondered, thanks!

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Instant coffee is the “industrial” kind you might say. You can get used to it, even enjoy some brands, but it’s nasty stuff compared to the unprocessed coffee, made from freshly ground beans. Mmm. As for the ingredients, coffee is coffee, whereas instant coffee has lots of stuff that makes it so instant-y – at least that’s my understanding.

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I think instant coffee tastes like coffee made with toxic waste water. It has more crap in it usually. Read the labels. Ground beans are the best. Or try a Keurig coffee maker. Those are really good for individual servings.

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If you take coffee beans, roast them and grind them, you have ground coffee. Ideally, this is put into a coffee filter and then boiling hot water is run through, leaving you with coffee-flavored hot water, which people sometimes add cream or sugar to and drink as coffee, leaving the beans behind in the filter like you leave tea leaves in a tea bag and just drink the tea-flavored water.

Now, if you take that coffee-flavored water and remove all the water until you just have the flavor part left behind, that is instant coffee. Mix it with hot water again, and the coffee crystals dissolve and it becomes a sort of reconstituted coffee.

If you mix ground coffee beans with water, though, they do not dissolve, You just end up with a mess.

Whether one has more or less caffeine, depends on the beans both started out with or if they have been decaffeinated along the way. Preservatives, ditto. Health problems, well, again that depends on what you’re drinking.

I hope this helps. :)

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Instant coffee is to real coffee as american cheese is to real cheese.
It is artificial and disgusting

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