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Would this be too pushy?

Asked by Kandy (363points) September 2nd, 2012

I entered a job application online about a week ago. I have not heard back from them and I do not know if my application even went through. Would it be wise to fill out a paper application and turn it into the building?

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It would be wise to give their local HR department a phone call first. Especially if it is larger business. Turning in two applications would not only look a little silly, but could foul up their processing.

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Yes, I would make a call and inquire if they have received your online application.

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Depending on the job, the number of applicants and the company, your application may not even have been seen yet. I would call and ask for the H.R. department and ask them how the process works. Let them know that you don’t want to be pushy, you would just like an idea of how long the process takes.

I just spent the past week helping out in the H.R. department. One of the generalists commented that she doesn’t like it when people apply both online and with a paper application as then they have twice the documentation for one person. Mind you, this applies only to their system, but why take the chance?

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Just call and say that you want to talk to a manager. Once you talk to the manager just tell him/her that you were calling to follow up on your application. It will look good, makes you seem dedicated to the cause.

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I would not duplicate your efforts. One week is not a very long time for an employer to process applications. I would call their HR department and check to see if they received your application and if you are still under consideration for the job. Tell them that you are still very interested in the job.

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I agree with everyone else, call to verify they received your application and that they are still hiring for the position. Good luck!

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Given the amount of fuck-ups I have seen with online systems, I would definitely call. Over the last week, two systems have fucked up in my life. One for canceling a paper on vacation (didn’t work), and the other for transfering orders from the alarm company to the monitoring company. This latter has been screwing up for months, and no matter how much we call, they don’t get it right. People are idiots, I think.

So I would definitely not assume they have your resume. If they complain about people giving the same info twice, then they only have themselves to blame for people messing up in the past. Better safe than sorry. If they replied right away with confirmation of receipt, then maybe people wouldn’t add a paper application, as well. But few of them are smart enough to have such simple courtesy. So screw them if it bothers them. If they did a better job, they wouldn’t have this problem.

You need to be aggressive in following up. You need to make sure they have your materials. You need to let them know you are very interested in the job and you are going to keep pestering them until they hire you. No is not an option. ‘Course, you better want the job that badly, too.

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