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What phrase or buzzword are you sick of?

Asked by AstroChuck (37405points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I swear if I hear the phrases the perfect storm or it is what it is one more time I’m going to give up pacifism!

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“my bad” or “that’s nasty”. But what can one do right? I mean, it is what it is :)

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i realy hate the phrase oldskool, ugh, idiotic teenagers calling a playstation 2 oldskool, hang them i say, from the tallest tree!

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‘Go Green’

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Mad, sick, ill, awesome, cool.

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Everything that have to do with elections

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How do I hate them? Let me count the ways.
But I repeat myself (and repeat myself.)
Lol, cool, dude, amazing, suck – for starters.

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You’re Fired

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Anything in txtspeak

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Getterdone! I’m so done with it!

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Right on BRA!

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@definately, seperate, dose, Me and her are going…somewhere. Between you and I, sort of unique, kinda anything,

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people who start senstences with ” ok not going to lie…” I hate it

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out of the box. On the same page. Swinging for the fences.

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Celebrity couple name mooshes like Brangelina, TomKat, Gyllenspoon, etc.

Or even stupid celebrity nicknames like LiLo.

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@gail- You’re going to have to get used to Lol, like it or not. This is an Internet thread, after all. But I do think it is way over used. I know of at least one time I’ve used it on Fluther.

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Global Worming

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Conform or Die , lol j/k

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to expand on what no country said “like omg! no way!”

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Another one that makes me want to give myself many papercuts and then jump in salt water (am I over doing it?) is the saying, “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk.”

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Baby Mama (aaaaargh!), you know what I’m sayin’, do lunch. Anything double or triple negative:

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i don’t have a rational reason for it, but i hate the phrase “diarrhea of the mouth”

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@AstroChuck; You asked what I was sick of; not what I am stuck with.

And I have to add; people who think they are making goods puns and then insert (no pun intended). I have always felt it is up to the listeners or readers to decide what is funny or clever or makes them laugh.

For example:
“Another one that makes me want to give myself many papercuts and then jump in salt water (am I overdoing it?)” made me laugh (out loud).

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People who say “Seriously?” I’m sick of that, its not a question put a verb in there.

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Are we sick of run-on sentences, or is that the internet thread ?

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I have come to hate the word ‘virtually’, or at least the way it is currently being used in the media. Watch the news a couple of nights in a row and I guarantee you, some dumbass reporter will be standing outside some building or in front of some impoverished people saying ‘the situation here is virtually out of control!’ or something like that. The use of virtually in the above sentence is useless. It’s not that I have a problem with the word on it’s own, but hearing it all the time drives me mad.

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‘I could own you in real life’

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Throwing up in my mouth?

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I hate the word: hate

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Along the lines of yannick’s “virtually,” I would add “literally.”

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“LOL” makes me vomit in my mouth a little.

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Conversate: Why do so many people insist on adding a syllable to the word converse? This is probably a rare example of slang increasing the length of a word.

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And, although it’s not a phase or buzzword, I really hate when literally is used when it should be figuratively instead. When I see this I get so mad I could literally explode!
Okay, probably not.

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@AC: you best get a “v” in “figuratiely” before gailcalled hits you on the head with it.

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@AC: you’re welcome!

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…or you lose your gold star. You’re the ONLY one who has one.

I’m sure that was a typo, so I overlooked it.

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That X is “dated”.
Get/have/etc. “a life”.
Tragedy (overabused in news media for accidents).
“For kids’ sake.”
“in da house”
“a must”, “a must-see”, etc.
“everyone is talking about…”
someone “is raving about”
“back to school”

Any jargon trying to cutely assert the smartypants rightness of laws that should not be laws, e.g.: “click it or ticket”

I also loathe several that others already wrote about:
my bad
old school
get ‘er done
walking the walk

I know there are more that I’m thankfully not thinking of.

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OTOH, I love “Global worming.” As do my robins. (sorry, seVen)

@phoenyx: The web is crawling (speaking of worms) with funny stuff about language and the mangling therein. But thanks for this one.

And, really, literally, actually, for shure, I am a gentle woman who does not look or act like a demented chicken, unless truly provoked.

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Lest I forget: “at this point in time.”

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yaw trick! yaw!

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Gail. What does OTOH mean?

I hate when people say there going to get their “Hair did” and I hate when someone calls someone “Savage” or short for it- “Sav”. My sister constantly says “oh my god thats so Savage!!” and it really bothers me and makes my eye twitch. Also when someone says “like” to much.

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otoh = on the other hand

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Leverage (leverage is when you take hostages, not when you copy a working model from another department!!!),
Touch base

These are a few of my favorite bullshit-bingo words :)

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bling and ka-ching!

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i use, “worst case scenario” or “worst case” way too often. i wish i could stop, but i only realize how stupid i sound after the fact.

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“Not to be mean, but…” Grrr… this makes me want to take hostages. Of course you ‘want to be mean’!
That and “oh, snap!”

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“i know, right?”

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Pushing the envelope.

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emo, brah, cool beans, web 2.0 terms

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My baby daddy

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I’ve been scolding my nephew recently for saying “my bad”. I told him what he really means to say is “I’m sorry”. It suddenly occurred to me that “my bad” was a way of owning a mistake without having to apologize for it.

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Another thing that drives me nuts is when by 8 year old goes, “Oh, Snap!” I heard another kid says this the other day. This is something destined to send me up the wall.

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“It’s a win win” has been giving me violent impulses lately.

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Anything that starts with “dude” or includes words like “gnarly” certainly make my list. It is difficult to impart (to those who use these expressions) the inherent limits of “surf culture” in Ohio . . .

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